Once again, check out this flight from ATL-CHA.

I posted on here a few days ago about this particular flight taking an extra hour to go from Atlanta to Chattanooga. Now check this out.

flightaware.com/live/flight/ASQ2 … /KATL/KCHA

I realize there was weather in the area, but geesh. Looks like it came back to ATL and took off again…or? Flew over ATL?

A bit Late

Now if you had checked the very thread you had started on the subject, you’d have found that same flight you mention here had been posted two hours earlier and there are two further comments there.

Do we really need two separate topics for the same flight?

Edit: Boeing, it’s interesting that two different URLs go to the same topic. Sorry, but I didn’t catch it in time that we were both making essentially the same comment.