KJFK all but shut down due to wind

Nasty winds today, lot of diversions and ground stops. Air France A380 is diverting to KBOS, so those of you in that area have a lil treat on approach

KJFK 132120Z 08034G53KT 2SM R04R/5500VP6000FT RA BKN017 BKN025 OVC044 11/08 A2956

KEWR, KPHL, also with ground stops, etc

So it’s not leaving?

Sorry, had to be a smart @$$

Kite flying time :slight_smile:


Very Funny!!

I heard a report of windshear at JFK last night (about 2100) a 767 reported a 150 foot loss at 200 FEET!!!


Talk about ground come up to meet you…

Were there also issues at FRG?

I was trying to understand why ACA7046 (the Toronto Maple Leafs charter) went into LGA since they usually use FRG.

The following day the charter plane appears to do a quick hop over to FRG to pick up the team and continue on to CYOW

Any insights?


There were issue pretty much everywhere around NY/CT Saturday and Sunday. Gusts to 70+ kts. Wahoo

The wind was blowing out of the Northeast, and the only ILS at FRG is for runway 14. LGA has an ILS 04. My guess is they went to LGA to avoid the 80 degree 50 knot crosswind…