Seeking details of DC-10 Landing at KDCA on 4/17/98

I am seeking any information associated with the emergency landing of a fully loaded DC-10 at KDCA on 4/17/98. There appears to be just one brief wire story which is copied onto several websites such as this one:

Was the aircraft damaged during landing?

How did this airport handle the deplaning of a widebody when no such types were in service there?

How long did the aircraft remain at KDCA?

What measures were taken before it departed, to remove extra weight, etc.?

Why are there seemingly no pictures of this incident, or of the aircraft on the ground at KDCA?

Some info HERE

Little bit HERE

Look HERE 12th post down

One of the links provided says it took off with no problem and this does not surprise me at all. I don’t know why in some other posts on this subject they talk about removing seats for it to take off as that is nonsense. The DC-10 was incredibly powerful on take-off and 6,869 feet of runway is plenty even with normal passenger loads. One runway here at MSY is 7000 feet with a lot more heat and humidity down here which reduces engine performance and DC-10’s, 763’s, 764’s, 772’s and 747’s have all taken off on that runway on loaded revenue flights.