dkk(dunkirk,ny) to pit

how and why does a dc10 take off from a 5000 ft runway on fri june 26th?
fdx 301
fdx 3012 fri 3:52-4:14.

Most likely a diversion for any issues. Maintenance, Weather, Sickness, etc.

yeah, but a dc10 on that small runway?

According to Boeing Tech Specs. If it is under around 300,000 lbs. it can make that. The largest DC-10 needs about 4000 ft. for takeoff under 300,000 and 4,500 ft. for landing. So it was able to make it fine according to specs.

This has to be a mistake.

Here’s the permalinks to the flights mentioned: … /KDKK/KPIT … /KDKK/KPIT

The aircraft allegedly landed at an airport with 2 runways: 4,000 and 5,000 feet long. Runway 06/24, the 5,000 footer, has an asphalt surface that is on in fair condition. Additionally, the weight bearing capacity is rated for a single-wheeled aircraft of 25,000 pounds. Last time I checked the DC-10 weight way in excess of 25,000 pounds- and it doesn’t have single wheel landing gear.

Runway 15/33, while in better shape, is only 4,000 feet long. It is also rated only for single-wheeled aircraft up to 25,000 pounds.

The aircraft may have been able to land at DKK (I don’t see any evidence of it, though) but it would not have been able to get back into the air because it would have destroyed the runway.

Looks like they diverted to PIT because of the weather at EWR. Dunkirk is either on one of the arrivals or airways to EWR. So they probably got “Cleared direct to DKK to hold as published … EFC time 3 hours from now…”) They called FedEx dispatch and they told them to go to PIT and wait for for the weather to improve in EWR.

I’ve seen that before when I’ve had to hold somewhere, than divert, ATC puts in the holding fix as destination, or FA interprets that as a destination, even if it’s a DME fix (DKK 010025) I think sometimes a reroute or a dropped flight plan will cause that too.

thanks, thought that was a mistake.

Actually the DC-10 would have a lower ground pressure. It has double tandem gear, spreads the load out and reduces the PSI on the pavement. It is common for a runway with a 50k lb single wheel rating to have at least a 110k lb dual tandem rating. All that aside runway ratings are for repeated operations in the hot summer and occasional excursions beyond those limits can be allowed by the airport management at their discretion (usually engineering data is referenced) and operators own risk.