Best airport to land at?


What is the best airport to land at or that you have landed at? Mine would have to be CLE I liked seeing the city in my window.


The old Kai Tak checkerboard approach cannot be beat.


What about an aircraft carrier? lol


DCA’s RIVER VISUAL RWY 19 when sitting on the left is a nice sight

LGA’s RIVER VISUAL RWY 13 when sitting on the right is even better!


Can’t wait until I fly there in 3 weeks! I will look at what seat I am sitting in to see if i’m the left side. But are there good views on both sides when landing?? What other runways would they use? Are they all fun to land and take off from?


Kai Tak is the only airport I can recall landing at and having a perfect view of the runway centerline out my portside window AFTER we’d turned for final!


Not especially. The right side is just densely populated suburban sprawl, but as a consolation, you would get to see the Pentagon. The only other runway they use when landing to the south is 15, and the same basic rules apply. When landing to the north, there’s not much to see at all.


OH ok thanks. I’m looking for my seats now. Heres a question for you if you can help me. I’m flying from BTV-DCA leaving BTV at 6:20am getting at DCA at 7:47am, from there I go to DCA to BNA leaving DCA at 8:40am gettign at BNA at 9:39am. Now is the 9:39am Central time or Eastern time? It doesn’t say.


I can’t believe I am reducing myself to post my answer to this rediculous question. Maybe it is because nobody has put this answer up, which any pilot would probably agree with.

Favorite airport to land at is the one I am flying to, landing safely, in one piece.




All arrival and departure times are in their respective LOCAL time zone.


It should be LOCAL time, but BNA, if I’m not mistaken, is on CDT (ipod could help us here). I highly doubt that DCA-BNA is a 2-hour flight. What are you flying on, a Piper Cub??? :smiley: My guess would be 8:40-9:39 EDT.


BNA is CDT I was there last year. So your saying 8:40 there time 9:40 my time (eastern)?


DCA to BNA is ~800 miles, why wouldn’t it take two hours? No Piper Cub required.

Yes, BNA is on CDT, so if they leave DCA at 0840EDT (0740CDT) and arrive BNA at 0939CDT (1039EDT) two hours will have passed.

Arrival and departure times on airline tickets are in the LOCAL time.


No, I’m saying that logic would depict that BOTH times are EDT. Do you have any way of finding the actual flight time? Maybe check Orbitz or some similar site and enter your route for that date. They give you not only your total flying time, but the time elapsed from your first departure until you arrive at your destination, including layovers.


OK thank you. That works good for the person i’m going to see, wouldn’t want him to pick me up at 8:40 his time plus an hour drive just to Nashville with morning traffic :angry: .


I was going to say “home”, but what the hey, let’s see where it goes.


That “logic” is seriously flawed! See my prior reply.

And it’s “logic would dictate”, not depict.


What makes it a rediculous question??? I just want to know what flight would be fun to take. I mean i’m going to DCA and i heard that was a great landing why not try it out and see for myself?


If you really think about it, it makes more sense logically to put each airport’s local time. For example, flying from TUL-LAX is about a 3 hour flight (rounding to make it easy). If I leave Tulsa at 12:00noon CDT, then I would obviously arrive at 3:00 CDT. If I had a friend meeting me at LAX, it would be pretty dumb of me to say be there @ 3 beause in reality, I am getting into LAX @ 1PM.

Man, that is almost as bad as “Aircraft A leaves LAX heading to JFK @ 8AM. The average speed will be 350kts. Aircraft B is leaving JFK to LAX @ 11AM. THe average speed of this flight will be 500kts. Where will the two aircraft meet?”