Favorite Landing.

If you have a favorite video of an airliner landing, post it, and we will see who has the best.
Here are my favorite: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=78HzforOAV4


Hong Kong Kai Tak Airport (1925 - 1998) 香港啟德機場 - YouTube)

Hard to chose from SO MANY

Here’s the ONE JUMBO that came in while I was at SXM. Definitely one I’ll remember for a long time.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bcS89Ktbxeo Thought I would share this. :open_mouth:

There’s this one

And this one

I like that 752 landing. Notice the smoke in the vortex at 0:45 seconds! :smiley:

Freakin’ Wellington… The winds howling up the strait between the North and South island always make things fun.

Hey - in the first clip that you linked to, what is the second jet in the clip? It’s a high wing, 4 engined jet - it looks like a slightly larger Dash 8, but without the props. Can’t recall what that would be…


I think it’s a BAe-146 Avro


Dadgummit! I was just about to post that I thought it was a BAE 146 as well. I’ve been searching since I posted that - finally figured it out just a sec ago. Guess we don’t see things like that on this side of the pond… Thanks Needle!

Did ya see this? It is a BAe-146…


That pilot’s a moron. Everyone on that plane can thank him that they’re now 8" shorter. I kept thinking he was going to flare, flare, flare!!! but he never did…


Were you on the plane? Did you talk to the pilot? Could this have been the last attempt at landing due to low fuel and other airports in the area were closed?

Sure, it was a lousy landing but I would want to talk to the pilot first to see what happened.

I almost forgot about THIS ONE. Actually, I did forget about it, but just now remembered.

That is a good one. At 0:09 the pilot goes, "Fog… move! :smiley:


Down draft???


I was on the plane and I did talk to the pilot. All he said was, “What does flare mean?” and “You can thank me now that you’re 8” shorter."

So how tall are you now?

8" shorter than I used to be…

How tall were you before the landing?