Sexiest airplanes of all time...

Open to all arenas of flight…

I’ll start:

With my main interest in aviation being the airline industry, here’s mine:
Jets: 727-200, 707-320, DC-8-61/63 (but NOT the 71/73), DC-9-10/15/20 (actually, the last one is more of a cute plane rather than a sex one)
Turboprops: Brita, CL-44
Piston: DC-7

The Beech Staggerwing, for introducing us to flying fast and in style:

The Cessna 195, an instant classic at its introduction:

The Habu, because nothing ever came close and nothing that breathes air probably ever will:

The Stearman PT-17, because you never forget your first:

The AH-64A Apache Attack Helicopter, because being able to kill accurately in so many ways at extreme ranges is sexy as Hell:

The Connie, no other commercial aircraft will ever match its panache:

Except for the Concorde:

Well, thanks JHEM for nailing 88% of my next choices. :frowning:

They were going to be Staggerwing, Connie, Sr71

So thinking “outside the box” I always loved this for some reason:

And of course you’re right about your 1st time: :smiley:

Too many to list :slight_smile: In addition to all of the above, Beech Starship deserves to be mentioned…

How could I have forgotten the Connie?!??!

No problem. :wink:

If you ever leave New Hamster and visit us down here I’ll get you a tour of a friend’s hangar. I guarantee you’ll plotz! :laughing:

I think I’ll agree with most of those… although I think the Apache is not as sexy as it is just dirty. Maybe you’d spend time with, but not take her home to momma type thing.

Connie, couldn’t agree more, throw some red and white paint on it, timeless classic.

I would like to add (in Red and white paint) L1011 to the airliner side of the list.

Some of my most memorable moments were spent with ones I’d never take home to Mom! :smiling_imp:

:laughing: point taken!

:laughing: point taken!

Sorry for the size of that photo…not sure how to fix it, since it is a url.

Short term, edit your original post and replace it with a smaller copy from somewhere, even if it’s not precisely the one you prefer.

If you can’t find a smaller picture, then give just the url:


Big pictures are really annoying and I think it’s better to just give a clickable reference rather than display the large picture.



Im at work and can’t get to pics but:

I am and forever will be a Spitfire lad

But also I’m partial to a B-25, those are my 2 favorites

Good on ya Mate! That’s one of my choices:

And if you want to guarantee you’re the sexiest bird on the ramp on any given day:

Hmm. Just saw this.

I… for one, Sir… am intrigued. Which field? Maybe a day trip with a diversion down the Hudson to the Lady and back is in order?

Of course, after checking my certificate, line “XIII Limitations” states “cannot cross state lines”. Oh well. :frowning: