What is your favorite aircraft(s)?


What is your favorite aircraft(s)

For me, it is the Boeing 737-700ER, -800, -900ER, Boeing 747-8I, Boeing 767-400ER, Boeing 777-200LR, -300ER, Boeing 787-8, -9, Airbus A320neo, Airbus A330-200, Airbus A350-900R, Airbus A380, Bombardier CSeries, Q400 Next Generations, and Embraer EJets!

What about you?


The one I’m flying.


Aircraft is both singular AND plural.

You can tell the kids on this forum. They are the ones that chose aircraft that are, for the most part, still being manufactured. They know not about really great aircraft such as my favorites:

  • B727 - a very versatile aircraft, able to make money on just about any short or medium haul route

  • DC-8-61 and -63 -very sexy aircraft

  • Boeing 707 - America’s first large jetliner brought lower fares to the masses; liked the DC-8, it was also a very sexy looking aircraft

  • Lockheed Electra - after they figured out why it kept crashing, it became a great aircraft but it came on the market at a bad time (i.e. just as jets became prevalent)

  • Britannia - great aircraft but, like the Electra, started flying just before the jets started flying

  • DC-9-10, -15, and -20 - the original “regional jet,” the baby DC-9 looked so darn cute

  • DC-3 - the aircraft that enabled airlines to make money by flying passengers

  • L-1011 - technically better than the DC-10 but engine problems made it a late comer

  • DHC-6 Twin Otter - great commuter aircraft, brought air travel to many small cities

  • Cessna 402 - same as the Twin Otter

But to show that I’m not an old fuddy-duddy and actually am in touch with the 21st century, here’s my favorite current aircraft

  • B747-100, -200 (don’t really care for the extended upper deck on the later models)

  • A340 - reminds me of a larger 707

  • DHC-8-400, aka Dash 400 - a great aircraft for short to medium haul routes due to its speed

  • Gulfstream IV and V - very sexy looking

  • Piaggio P180 - like the look of the aircraft


My all-time favorite, although I never actually got to fly on one:



The L-1011, flew on an Eastern L-1011 from Miami to Nassau as a kid, I remember walking down those stairs, saw a BOAC VC-10 on the ramp, rode a Delta L-1011 on the way back MIA-ATL.


I got to fly on one between the USA and Frankfurt. Unfortunately, I was too young to remember it (~3 or 4). I do remember my mom saying it developed engine problems over the Atlantic.


Some of the types I have liked very much are:

DC-8 super 60 series (62 and 63 especially)
Vicker’s Viscount 700 series (oval doors and large windows)
BAC’s 111 series (if you are around when they take off - they are the a very noisy aircraft in take offI have ever heard - next would be the CV-880)
Piaggio P180 (an eye catcher in my book)
Donier 328 and 325Jet (sleek lines)
Airbus A-318 and A-319 (320 and 321 look to long)
Boeing 777 series (especially the -300s)
Boeing 787 series - great lines
Britannia and the CL-44 follow on
iliushinI Il-18
Vicker’s VC-10 and Super VC-10
Tupolev Tu-134 (the flat wing with the typical Tupolev landing gear pods)
Boeing 737-200s (I have put a lot of time flying in them)
Boeing 747-8 and -8i have a look I am looking on favorable

There are others, but this is enough of a list for now.


OK, i have 3 favorite airliners. I won’t get into the biz jets or general aviation.

For some reason the MD-11F is one that does it for me. I live right in the approach path for 9R at Philly International and i often see UPS MD-11s lumbering above my house (the planes sometimes are in the process of lowering the landing gear as they fly over me). I love the 3 engines, the winglets, and the fully deployed flaps–those flaps seem to really extend at a big angle. Plus, this plane is pretty damn gigantic. The UPS MD-11s are typically coming in from Cologne, Louisville, or sometimes Oakland i believe.

I’m curious how other people feel about the MD-11. Do you guys think the tail section with the engine sticking thru it is ugly? Personally i am impressed that they could pull it off without having to use an S-duct.

I also am fond of the A330-200. I see them landing in Philly a lot and they really look graceful and majestic on approach. They have really nice, clean lines. Also, i prefer the sharp angled winglets that are used on the A330, MD-11, and 744. For some reason those big blended winglets you see on the new 737s and retrofitted 757s are kind of “stupid” looking in my opinion, although i know they are more efficient (so they can’t really be “stupid” if they are an improvement lol). But the A332 just all-in-all looks fantastic on approach in my opinion, really a beauty to watch.

In fact, today i was driving up I-95 to downtown Philly right around 3 pm. On approach to 27R i first saw a US Airways 332, and this was immediately followed by British Airways’ 772. I must say i thought the 332 was more impressive looking. In the interest of full disclosure, i should explain that the 772 wasn’t an LR or anything sexy like that. But the 332 just seemed more graceful and majestic on short final. As an American i would prefer this was not the case, but having seen both of those aircraft landing so much i gotta hand it to Airbus.

Finally, the 747-400 (and by extension the 748) was and still is just incredible. We don’t even have any scheduled 744 service into Philly right now (British Airways used to bring one in daily but went to the 777, and Lufthansa was using one on occasion in summer 2005 but they normally use an A340) so when i am lucky enough to see a 744 charter flight, diversion, or cargo freighter doing contract work into the PHL UPS hub, it really makes my day.


For me,

Its 100% the Boeing 747-400


the b737-800 on sun country airlines


B737, Cessna750 and Falcon2000.


My all time favorite is the 757! I had the pleasure of watching Air Force One (or Two) doing touch and gos at HGR. This aircraft is actually a C-32A (757-2G4). :smiley:


The iconic aircraft most people imagine when they hear the term “Air Force One” is a Boeing 747, not a 757.


Actually, if this aircraft was doing touch-and-goes then its call sign would have been something other than the Air Force One or Two. These call signs are used only when the president or vice president respectively are on board.



I’m still waiting for the callsign “Executive One” to be used again. :wink:

Back on topic, before 3 years ago, I would have said that my favourite aircraft was an A319 or A320, or even an A380…

Now? E175. Smoothest ride I’ve ever been on.



Boeing 737 (all variations) & the 757-200/300. The Boeing 737 is the best aircraft ever created and will never die! You also can’t go wrong with one of the original workhorses, the Boeing 727.

I recently got to fly in a Embraer E-170/175 for the first time, and I have to say, that is a nice aircraft for the regional markets. Thumbs up to the Embraer E-Jets, they are making their way into my favorites.


Pilatus PC-12 NG


EC-121M/C-121 (700 Hours)
EA-3B (500 Hours)
EP-3E and P-3C (almost 4000 hours)
UC-12B (1200 hours)

747 (all)

Beech V Tail


My favourite of all is the L1011


All time favorite flying machine is the F-16. Beautiful lines. My grandpa helped build this for GD.

And for commercial, the 747 hands down.