Your Top 3 Aircraft?

I know…I know. Its difficult to pick just 3. But lets see 'em.

**Here’s mine:

OV-10 Bronco:*
(The OV-10 could also carry and deploy 6 six paratroopers and used by the Navy Seals for very covert OP’s)

F-18 Super Hornet:



I’m not choosy, anything that leaves terra firma and I am actively sitting in will be my top plane. Since the most of late I have been in is

I’m a happy camper :smiley:


T182T Good all purpose short range
Global 5000 Amazing ride
777 Just amazes me

The OV-10 is one of my personal favorites as well and I led a fierce campaign for years to get the Army to release one to our museum from their fleet at Phillips AAF at Aberdeen Proving Ground (APG). The crazed look of lust in my eyes is what probably prevented their giving it to us, although they did give us a Thud. Probably because, unlike the Bronco, the Thud wasn’t airworthy.

For the record though, the OV-10 could only carry a maximum of five combat equipped paratroopers and that only after removing the co-pilot and his/her Baker ejector seat. Or two litters and one attendant.

Among my other personal favorites (I have hundreds!) is the venerable Piper Cub and, by association, the Super Cub:

As I approach my dotage, there’s something heartwarming about an aircraft that, regardless of whether it’s wearing wheels, floats or skis, can only just about kill you on its best day! :wink:

At the other end of the spectrum is the A-12/SR71 Blackbird/Habu (Shown here in its instructor configuration):

Watching this aircraft climb out of Kadena is one of the highpoints in my life.

Of course, when I win the Lottery, one of my first purchases will be a DeHavilland TurboBeaver on a set of EDO amphibious floats:

Although a StationAir on Wiplines will work also:

How did they deploy them with that big greenhouse over the top?? I had no idea they could transport paratroopers! ?

There is a door at the rear of the fuselage that can be removed to deploy parachutists. … acargo.jpg

See below.

Yep, fondly referred to by its users as the “Hell Hole!”.

There was a seat back there for use by those unlucky enough to be chucking steel rations out the back!

Lucky! 8)

The Blackbird is one of my favorites too.


I can honestly say that I had no clue the OV-10 was any more than a 2 seat Observation/Close Air Support aircraft. This is by far the coolest and weirdest thing I’ve learned all day!!!

Got any info on the OV-1 that might jump out as funny? Those are two airplanes I haven’t really study up on.

I think this is the coolest thing I’ve ever learned from FA boards! Thanks :astonished:

By the way, I’ve yet to answer,

F-4 my first memories of airplanes were at KSPI with the Phantoms goin off 2 at time full afterburner. Also some of my first words were said in the parking lot watching, I reacted to the NOISE, those first words were not good words either.

Jetstream 31 (someone has to) first airliner I ever worked. It was noisy, ugly, and the AC didn’t work well, no autopilot, but there was something cool about it.

and the good ole PA28 Warrior. Although my first flying years ago was in a C152, this was the aircraft that got me through training and a certificate in my wallet. I’ve had a lot of great times in the Warrior, and for that , one of my favorites

The Mohawk? Nothing really extraordinary about the Mohawk.

First turbine powered aircraft in the US Army inventory.

Carried a pilot and a JAFO in Martin-Bakers.

When it was introduced, the USAF had it’s pants in a twist over the fact that the Mohawk carried a .50CAL and was capable of anti-armor operations.

Not to be commanded by the USAF, the USA eventually configured the Mohawk to carry:

*Two XM14 (SUU-12) 12.7 millimeter (0.50 caliber) Browning machine gun pods with 750 rounds each.

Two XM18 (SUU-11) 7.62 millimeter (0.30 caliber) General Electric six-barreled “Minigun” Gatling-type gun pods with 1,500 rounds each.

Two XM13 40 millimeter automatic grenade launcher pods.

Two 7-round LAU-32/A or 19-round LAU-3/A 70 millimeter (2.75 inch) rocket pods.

Two 4-round LAU-10/A 127 millimeter (5 inch) Zuni rocket pods.

113 kilogram (250 pound) Mark 81, 225 kilogram (500 pound) Mark 82, or 450 kilogram (1,000 pound) Mark 83 general-purpose bombs.

450 kilogram (1,000 pound) Mark 79 napalm drop tanks.

Sidewinder air-to-air missiles!!*

Other external stores included flare pods, smoke generators, and the M4A supply container.

If you wanted to deliver rats or ammo it went in the M4A cargo pods slung on underwing hard points and you dive-bombed it to the recipient.

A hybrid version with twin J47s was tested and junked:

It’s equipped with dive brakes!

I’ve always been told the AC was universally loved by everyone who flew it and I (originally) desperately wanted to be one of them.

Because it was often used as a COIN aircraft in the Nam, the lucky f*cks who flew it were primarily stationed at Vung Tau and had the run of some of the most beautiful beaches in the world populated by young, nubile, off-duty USA nurses. (If I hadn’t been a young, handsome and virile warrior, those pilots might have been competition for the round-eye nurses.)

Unlike the Bronco, the Mohawk’s fuselage is filled with arcane electronics and the aircraft’s primary, bullet proof fuel tank.

Ugly airplanes and hot chicks, indeed sounds like the best gig in NAM.

I have never crossed paths w/ a Mohawk. I’ve seen every known aircraft from the last 40 or 50 years in the military inventory (within reason) but have yet to see an OV-1 in person. I’ve always thought it looked like a fun mean airplane to fly.

Great pic of the jet powered OV-1. Seems like with exception to get to where it needs to go quicker, that really defeats its close air support and light attack mission.
Thanks for the info!

Hello everyone!
My Favorites:

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The Mohawk in Vietnam

The CF-105 Arrow (from Avro)

the F-14 Tomcat

The XB-70 Valkyrie

RicArmstrong, your pic of the F/A-18 is actually a “regular” C-Model. The Super Hornets are quite similar, I know… :smiley:

Was as worthless as teats on a boar hog!

(I was a participant in Market Time, Game Warden, Tiger Hound and Rolling Thunder.)

If they’d up-armed it a bit to the point it was capable, then it would have given the Douglas A-1 Skyraider a run for its money, and that’s saying something!

I’m afraid that when you start talking about COIN Suites, SLARs and IR Systems to us ground pounders, our eyes tend to glaze over and roll back in our heads.

We want to know 1) When is it arriving and how long can it stay, 2) How many guns and ammo aboard and 3) How many bombs!

crash of the XB-70

:frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

My favorites are:

1-P-51- No explanation needed.
2-Any Gulfstream Jet (not the IAI step-children) She is Classy & Sexy w/ hot rod performance
3-Cessna 180/185 - She works & plays hard, even when it’s dirty.

I can’t believe I am the only one to have the Me-262 as a top three along with the B-2 and Av-8.