Bear 360

I guess this goes in GA: Last night, I was reading in one of my magazines and came across an article about the Bear 360 that’s recently come out. Has anyone seen this yet? It’s basically an updated P-51. Taildragger, supercharged 9 cylinder radial, with a newer cockpit - it looks like it’d be a blast to fly. I’m an old warbird fan, so the general public probably won’t be as receptive as I am - still, I love it! There’s just that $$$ thing…

That’s a very cool aircraft! I think it looks like a mini T-34? :slight_smile:

Now that I see it with its gear out, it does look like a P-51. They need to make one with more of a bubble cockpit, then it would really look like a Mustang!

I know how you like your radials

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Ya…theres ALWAYS that $$$$ thing. :smiley:

And concerning Warbirds…here’s a preview of the up coming TV Show “Aviators”

Check out the Video…nice little Mig dude is flying.

I may not have won this years AOPAs Airplane giveaway…but by god I’m gonna win some frikkin Sunglasses!!! :laughing:

Haha - flying the “fagot” huh? (Can I say that? That is it’s legit name. :laughing: ) I had to watch the video to see who was flying. Glad it’s not Max Moga - that guy seems to have all the fun in those warbirds. Good luck on the glasses!

Beech… By the time you win something you could have saved up enough money to buy yourself them sunglasses! :laughing:

This is a nice bird. Skip’s been working on this for about 12 years. It’s modeled after the Bearcat (hence the name) and resembles the Bearcat more than a Mustang. It was built to race at Reno in the sport class. I believe he had problems with partners bringing the it to market or we would have seen it years ago. Its debut was at Oshkosh this year.