What do you think ?


Just for the sake of discussion, what do you guys think of this thing ?



First thing I think is that you need a better header than “what do you think?”.

Second thing, after being conned by your header into looking at the site, is that it’s just another general aviation aircraft catering to the ultra rich capitalist fascists who want to oppress the masses through their military looking aircraft so that us common peons will know and stay in our places.


damiross, i know better, You would have looked at it anyway. Nontheless, I like your response


Maybe I would, maybe I wouldn’t have. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it - or maybe not sticking to it.


Actually, I liked it too.



How exactly do they still consider that an"executive jet"?


You can hang the golf club bag off the missle struts.


Don’t fret Dami… there’s one in your price range too


I’ve questioned their reasoning behind marketing this jet as an executive transport from the start. I don’t think that should be the target market. There is, IMO, a market for this aircraft. Just look at all of the L-39’s and other jet aircraft that the wealthy like to call their toys. For those with the money, I’m sure most would appreciate the NEWness versus a decades old L39 from some eastern bloc country.




Damn, James! That was downright MEAN! :laughing:


Wow you’re fast. I changed the photo, I thought the idea of Dami actually being a toddler with aviator shades much more humorous.


Even meaner. I changed my url to reflect your change as well.


When can I expect delivery?


Just as soon as you pay for it and complete your type rating training!


Accept installment plan? I can do a dollar down and $0.50 a month for 36 months.

I’ve completed the training: RATING (see, I typed rating and it didn’t take more than 2-3 hours to do it!)