Diamond D-jet...

What do you think about the new D-jet? I think it is pitiful, as far as range and weight and all the specs…

I dont care about all that stuff, just look at, its hideous!!!

HAHAHA :laughing: I was reading about it in my friends AOPA magazine and like I said before, it’s just pitiful! Best words to describe it.

I like it. I like ‘The Jet’ even more.

Just because I don’t like it, huh?

Yes the world revolves around you.

As papa J says, “the sun rises and falls in the crack of his ass”

Why I never son! I say the sun rises and sets in the crack of his ass. :wink:



You guys are a bunch of wierdos. What is so pittiful about it? what is wrong with its range and specs? What do you want for 1.4 million? I guess you must like that V (vomit) tail cirrus vision junk.

Well lets now, max cruise at FL250 (ceiling) 315Kts true, 900 NM range, For and INCREASED price of $1.89 million. And then theres this, IT ONLY HAS ONE ENGINE! and like i said above, Its hideous. Poor performance, below RVSM service ceiling, piss poor range, and a hefty price tag, sounds to me like its gonna bomb.

For less money you can get a well equiped Citation, (or other biz jet) that carries more people flys higher, faster and further,

You be the judge

Looks like a 4 place T-33 :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, the ONE ENGINED thing is what gets me too. For around that price, I’d probably take a Mustang, but who knows about that one either…

Not that he is biased or anything…


Rear end is kinda like an F-4???

i never said i didnt like it, i just posted a picture of it. but now that you mentioned it, it starts out nice, then it tapers away and looks kind of funny, im glad i am not in the back seat.

Nice avatar thingy… :unamused: :laughing:

Thanks, its my daughters Parole ID card photo. its old now tho, she has bangs.

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: That is funny. :laughing:

So the consensus is we dont love the jet, and i know i said i hate the fact that its single engine and i do, flying that high and that far on one engine is disconcerning. But what do we think about the piper jet?

Again im not crazy about the single engine thing but it does have considerably better number. what do you all think?