any potential ecplise 500 buyers here?


just checking


will wait to see how things go before burning any cycles on it.


No, not now and not ever. Never!


Never say “Never” :laughing:


yea… you might win the lottery or something one day :smiley:


HaHaHaHa!!! It’s just scary. It’s like a freakin jet powered Seneca! Talk about a tiny little jet.


If I won the lottery I’d buy a used Catfish or B200 before I purchased an Eclipse.


a piagio?


Yes, a Piaggio. (it really does look like a catfish)

Thats because you wouldn’t fit! You could put your feet against the back wall and have your head in the cockpit!

(not really, I know, but it is very small for an average size person, let alone a 6’6" man.)


same here i love that plane


one of our customers who has had a mooney and late serial round guage baron has a firm early order on one, maybe he will come back to CDW a few times, I would love to see one.


I know this is an older post but my good friend has a deposit on one. Got to peek in one of the prototypes, cool little jet, hope they get there issues worked out so I can get some seat time in it :smiley:


I was down at eclipse today and morale was pretty low. It appeared that everything was moving at a snails pace. They have three planes in the final assembly hangar which are all gorgeous, but the fuselage assembly building was deserted. . I sincerely hope that they get all of their issues resolved soon so that everyone can decide whether the VLJ is viable.


I hate to say it, but I think you may have glimpsed the future of this particular plane. While I wish them well, they promised a lot and seem to be struggling to deliver. I never could understand how they could make a plane with similar components to others at around half the price. You have to be an optimist to be an entrepreneur, but also need to have a dose of reality mixed in.


I definitely beleive that theere is a reality to face. there is no way to think that they could deliver the plane that they promised for the million dollar price tag that they promised. but i do hope that they will be able to deliver the plane they promise for around two million. that seems to be a more realistic number. from what i have seen what they are trying to buil is very doable, but they have yet to work out their supply chain. i think they underestimated the time and energy necesary to set up a reliable and cost efficient supply chain so they could assemble all of these planes. peerhaps they needed the cash infusion from firm orders to continue their progress and thats why they offered up solid delivery dates so early, but i know that now what they need is more time to debug the plane that they have designed, rather that spending so much time retrofitting and fixing the ones that they have already built. prehaps its lack of experience, perhaps its the nature of what they are trying to do. they definitely have a great concept whaich has changed aviation. I do hope for the sake of the people involved that they get their act together soon, but whether or not the pane itself will prove to be a sucess or not is the question which remains to be answered.


While some argue that VLJs such as the Eclipse will change aviation, it is far from clear that will be true. Time will tell. From the operating cost numbers that I have seen, I think they will only make an incremental difference rather than the revolution that some tout.


Here are the current registrations for Eclipse

[]FAA ]( registry, just click on State of choice, it will list registration, s/n, and registered owner.


AIRWORTHINESS ACTION MIGHT LIMIT ECLIPSE 500 TO DAY/VFR Eclipse Aviation is expecting an airworthiness directive from the FAA on June 25 that will restrict flight of some 20 aircraft delivered so far to day/VFR flight conditions until a solution for moisture freezing in the pitot/angle-of-attack system is certified. FAA certification is expected by mid-July, and all aircraft are expected to be retrofitted by early September. There have been three in-flight events where pitot pressure was lost on the left and right primary air data sources, resulting in loss of airspeed indications on the primary flight displays. Standby airspeed indicators continued to function normally, and air data systems returned to normal after a descent to warmer temperatures. The new system will drain moisture to a low point in the system and provide additional traps for moisture. The lines will need to be drained every 300 hours.


I was actually able to fly right seat in an Eclipse a few weeks ago. It was a lot of fun, and the control stick on the side of the plane was hard to get use to. It is a very agile aircraft though, and the LED’s are a great idea for visibility and lifetime.

Having said that, I would never buy one. Not a comfortable plane to ride in. I would rather have a B200 like it was mentioned before.


[]N112EA ]( Eclipse 500 auction, starting bid @ 95 percent of value.
[ ]Vern Rayburn CEO]( YouTube/AvWeb video from Oshkosh, Eclipse 500 walk-around explaining all the upgrades and changes. N112EA is shown (auction aircraft), bidding starts 11am on July 30 and runs to August 10. Eclipse want to find out the true market value of their aircraft.