Thanks a lot Avantair


Ran into one of CFIJames brethren at TRK (North Lake Tahoe), nice Aussie pilot flying a catfish. He gave my son a tour of the Avanti. He like it and now he is bugging me to get one. Thanks guys.


Awwww come on Dad. You don’t need BOTH kidneys…I know a guy who’ll pay top dollar


I’d be buggin’ my Daddddddyyyy to get me one of them for Xmax/B-day if I got a tour of a catfish! :smiley:


I don’t even need a tour. All I needed was one look, and a peek at the groundspeeds here on FA.
Also, Piaggio claims in their ad that the newest variant will go over 400 KTS.


There was another catfish landing Truckee this afternoon as we were departing. Starting to look like an AvantAir hub around here.


The Avanti II? It’s a fact, not a claim.


I heard an Avanti II fly over last week. It was ~FL330 and hauling the mail (as they say). Amazing how distinctive and loud that sound was even at that altitude. Pretty cool!


Not just any avanti II.
I gave wazzu the one-finger salute as I flew over.


Thanks for not flushing! :stuck_out_tongue: