Avanti II Review

A nice in-depth writeup in this month’s Flying magazine on the upgraded Piaggio P180 Avanti II. The caption on the cover photo rather says it all, “Avanti flies biggest cabin fastest and furthest for least fuel”.

I can’t wait to read all about it!

“Read all about it”? More like you memorized it. :laughing:

Did someone get a summary that was longer than the review? :slight_smile:

He had it open on the table while we were eating dinner and uttering the odd comment now and then.

Even his wife was smiling at him. :laughing:

Aero-News Network Story Avantair Takes Delivery Of 50th Piaggio P.180.

Having logged a whopping 2.5 hours in an Avanti II this year I can say its an awesome machine! Nosewheel steering is a little tricky. Get past that its a blast to fly and passengers while love the cabin.

I’ve seen two here in the Middle East, one I’m pretty sure is based in Dubai. The other I saw in Kuwait, don’t know where it is based.


They sure are funny lookin. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve seen about 30 here in Caldwell NJ

I saw a catfish for the first time! It flew by at 1700 AGL so I had a good look at it.

That’s our newest one, too. nice.

I saw a catfish for the first time! It flew by at 1700 AGL so I had a good look at it.[/quote]

james do you work for avantair? im good friends with the owner, and also some other high ranking guys in that company… have you flown into caldwell before?

Yes he does and if you recall I sent you a PM a long time ago when he was headed your way one time.

He was just there recently again IIRC, two weeks ago or so.

(For those who keep track he’s presently snowed in at Mammoth at Yosemite (KMMH) for the second night.)

let me know when ur comming by ask for rob from ops … :smiley:

Could be worse places to be…