Beechjet N824GB


This Beechjet is coming into my airport later today and I have been given some indication that it may have someone interesting/special on it. It is registered to the normal BS of Wells Fargo Bank Trustee or whatever. Just curious if anyone had any idea of whose plane this may be or who may use it.


Oddly enough I was looking up that same aircraft a couple of days ago.

It is owned by Propco Bridge Co., and is operated by Executive Charters Inc., so basically a rent-a-jet company. So just about anybody could be aboard.


Owned by G.D. Barnes Consulting out of Anaheim, CA; Propco owns N507HB. Both are operated by Pegasus Air Elite. I have spoken to crews of both these aircraft in the last couple months.


I appreciate it guys. Was hoping something a bit more interesting, but that’s ok.


So who’d you think was aboard? Bob The Builder?


it wasnt about if anyone in particular was on board, it was about the chance that ANYONE interesting was aboard lol

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Had to head out and didn’t have time to fully look up this aircraft.
I had been looking at EI-ICE now N521XP which is for sale, along with were afew more Hawkers listed, some for sale some charter.

I recall seeing the Propco Jet under management, which had replaced another Hawker they sold.

Anyway, I see your Hawker on RSVP Air site above.


this a/c is owned and operated by Pegasus Elite,LLC


I could have sworn someone pointed this out in the third post in this thread :smiley:


I believe the post says Propco Bridge was the owner, that may have been true in 2006 but not at the time of the post in Oct 2008, while it is registered to Wells Fargo Bank,S.D. it is whollly owned and operated under the Pegasus Elite LLC certificate, thanks


This is what I have on this one…

Owner/Lessor - PropCo Bridge, LLC
New York, NY 10080-1002 United States

Sub-Lessee - Executive Charters, Inc.
Kinston, NC 28504 United States

Lessee/Lessee - Sublessor - Opco Plane, LLC
Kinston, NC 28504 United States

Registered as Owner - Wells Fargo Bank Northwest, N.A.
Salt Lake City, UT 84111 United States


All I can say, is in this massive downturn in the world economy, lots, and lots of jets are about to change ownership!!!

Many of the older jets may be scrapped, I see 1/3 of the 250 Gulfstream II/III’s in the USA are currently listed for sale, the lowest price, 800K.

That’s less than pocket change for a Central American Cartel.


I would have to agree, last year 80% of the the transaction were domestic. Now 80-90% of the biz jets out there are going either to South America, Far East, middle east and Europe, with a majority gong to the BRIC countries. Time are tough.

As of today there are 4,445 jet’s and turbo-props for sale world wide.

A year ago today there were only 3,122.

Based on those two figures above the average asking price has increased from $2,156,887 on 11/2007 to $3,636,375 today. I think we are about to see an implosion in the biz jet market as the overinflated prices aircraft are being bought for are far more than they may be worth. Just my 2 cents.


800k??? wow! Now if i could only get mom and dad to save harder… Or sell the house…


Barron Thomas they have a GII listed at 799K asking price, and a GII-SP at 1.2K and an Eclipse at 1.6K.


799k GII needs new people pushers (Speys)


Drug runners don’t care . . . they know exactly who is going to buy an aircraft like that.

An example; 3.3 tonnes of coke, and this one!!


I heard about the Mexico one… How safe is it to operate past the limit? is there a couple hours margin or is what’s on paper the absolute maximum?

As for the crash in Mexico… if they had the fuel they could have hopped the border, 180 miles away at the closest point…


I’m fairly sure the aircraft, and the crews are expendable, it runs till it runs out!!!

In Mexico a couple of weeks ago, armed men drove up to an airport, tied everyone up, and stole 5 airplanes!!!

The most wanted aircraft to steal; the King Air 200.


… Seriously? Wow…

Just found the story, filled up before they left… 245 confiscated since November '07… damn!