Segrave Aviation

Did anyone else hear anything about Segrave Aviation getting a number of Hawker’s repossessed?

I don’t know the company but their website shows 4 Hawkers under management, plus a Beech 400, 2 CJ’s, 8 Lears, and 3 Challengers.

Hawkers listed as, N457J, N585VC, N810BA, N830BA all according to FlightAware are out flying today?

Did they have a Hawker 4000 Horizon? or any other Hawkers?

Supposedly it was a number of Hawker 400xp’s and 1000’s, but that is just word on the street. I know they are one of the bigger players in the charter industry on the east coast and charter business isn’t doing much right now for anybody.

I wouldn’t be surprised, as I have seen them advertise on NBAA several times they will fly for fuel only. Hard to make money on new airplanes when you don’t even get close to the DOC plus salaries, etc.

Sounds like gossip to me. Did you lose your job with them or something?

No, I didn’t lose my job. One of my company’s clients is a charter/mgmt company which competes for some of the same business, so I was just curious if anyone else heard anything.

Understand Segrave has let go a significant amount of staff and is now outsourcing more charter than they have before.