Hawker job


Just heard of a “new” 700 coming to Jeddah in about a month. It is apparently a very clean, well equipped airplane. They have just started looking for a crew. From what I heard they want an experienced international Hawker Captain with the second pilot being experienced but not necessarily in type.
They would also like one of the pilots to have enough maintenance experience to be able to oversee and schedule maintenance inputs, paperwork etc. An A&P was mentioned but only for light wrenching, mostly administrative stuff. I have no idea about pay or benefits. It will stay US registered.
Send me a PM if interested.


Just an update.
The airplane is here now. They have a full time co-pilot, nice guy. The Captain is temporary so they are still looking for someone with a US passport and license. The maintenance requirement has been dropped but would be nice. Part 91.
Looks like the usual overseas benny’s, housing, car, tax break. It is not a rotation style job, 30 days paid vacation per year.