G2 job...


…just opened effective mid June.
Send me a pm for the email address.
send me another pm is you know of a good, part 91 job on the US west coast.

John in Saudi


Wow, no more HZ!!!

I’m checking the G2 registry and see what Part 91 G2’s are out there!!!

(I have a secret list!!) There seems to be a few out your way, how about the two Fry Electronic Gulfstreams!!! I don’t even know what they use them for?


They are chartered out fairly frequently from what I understand, but I appreciate the thought.


Hi gays, I do not know if you are talking about getting a job or that there is a job opening on a GII. But any way if you gays know of a GII/III job in the Middle East I will appreciate the info. Mex. pilot G1159 type rated.
Greetings. Sergio.


Dear Sergio,

In English we use the word GUYS to describe a group of men or a group in general, when you use the word GAYs it imply s that the men are homosexual


Sergio, if you have an FAA ATP with G1159 rating send me a PM for the information.


A few years ago it meant ‘happy’.