Need help with regs.

Hey. I have a spreadsheet with aircraft movement info. I’m running the registrations of jet aircraft listed through google, hopefully finding reg info. on a site like and using the FAA Database as a back up. All I’m needing is the Owner info.

I was doing pretty ok till I ran into N65HU. It turns out that although it is registered to Jacura Delaware Inc, Hop-A-Jet charters it out. I knew that these things happened but forgot until I ran into that. I am now needing a way to see if a charter company uses the aircraft as it is charter/fractional companies that I’m targeting.

Also can anyone identify this aircraft type:EC-100, Reg: G-CEDJ. Thinking about it, maybe it’s a eurocopter?

Also, the following regs are showing conflicting info:

N9789S, listed on the records as a C-750 but all I can find is a Turbo Commander

N107CE, listed on records as a C550, FAA/Google shows that it doesn’t exist.

HI-840, listed on records as a LJ-31 but all I can find is a picture of a Jetstream 31

N377TA LJ-35, non existant
N991A1 LJ-35, not even valid

N16099, listed as LJ-60, shows as some old plane owned by a museum. Vultee V-1A

Much, much, much thanks to anyone who can help me.

Try G-CEOJ which is a Eurocopter EC-155 … ode=search

N9789S is probably N978QS

N991AI is probably N991AL

N16099 how about N160GG

The others need a little more work…

Here is another useful site to look up registrations (biz jets and biz turboprops)

ukguy: Thanks alot for the info/links!! Last site is particularly helpful. Awesome 8)

Can anyone confirm if:

Is a part of the Flexjet fleet?

I think so but I just want to confirm.

Also, why is N526FX co-owned by Owen Kratz?

It could be that he’s a part owner of the aircraft.

Thought Flexjet only did fractional ownerships, but it’s registered in his name. And I thought he was an oil guy. He’s supposed to fully own 3.