Avantair Life

Any Avantair Pilots out there? How is the Avantair Life? Considering applying.

cfijames flies the catfish for Avantair.

But he is usually pretty grumpy. Oh, wait. We are talking about the OTHER James… :laughing:

HEY! I resemble that remark!

J’s at recurrent this week so we might not see him here for the duration, but for the OP and FWIW, he’s been flying left seat for them for more than a year and appears to love the work, the company and the aircraft.

Last I heard, it’s pretty competitive right now (5000 TT rings a bell.) Also slllloooooowwwwwwww upgrades now because no one is leaving, there will be a few due to retirements in the next few years.

Otherwise, I have heard pretty good things about the company, and the airplane. I think they are getting some deliveries in the next year. Best part is, they are publicly traded, so rumors are easier to verify.

Thanks for the info. Helps alot.

If you’re considering applying, NOW is the time to do so. There is a 4 day submission window for applications/resumes, ending on the 21st at 5pm EDT.


Avantair life is excellent. Good luck!

Thanks James. Maybe see you soon!

And my $.02, even though I am not a part of the company, the pilots have all been nice so far. They engage people who are giving funny looks at the catfish and even let curious 4 year-olds sit inside and look at the cockpit.

That right there tells me that the company is a good one since cranky pilots wouldn’t be so open to doing all of that.