Mooney's new CEO


A good article from Aero News on the new CEO: … d92834616&


Would you buy an airplane from a boat salesman?


No, but I would from a caveman.


Doesn’t take much to collect a check every month and sign some papers…


I think it is irrelevant where he was before. My guess is that Mooney brought him to make them money, which means using his knowledge to set a price on the planes, make the company leaner etc. He may know nothing about airplanes but has has to have some business knowledge. I mean, I really hope the CEO’s of these companies aern’t just figures that do nothing. And the fact that Mooney brought him in suggests some confidence in him to maximixe profits and sell more planes.


That’s been their theory on the last 10 CEO’s.


No matter how much business savvy you have as CEO, you can’t sell spam cans that can’t carry anything…The Mooney no matter how fast it is, is way over priced for what you get…no payload!!


I don’t think they are overpriced anymore. They are competitive with the Cirrus and Cessna’s.


I was being sassy!!!


Owned and flown a 1995 Ovation, and I’ve owned and flown a Diamond Star, Both nice airplanes, but still in 30 years I know a Mooney is not going to fail from fatigue. No one can say what a new “plastic” airplane will do when it’s been around three or four decades.

Plastic airplanes are nice flying machines when brand new, but they don’t dent and show stress like wrinkles or popped rivets, how can you inspect an old plastic airplane for evidence of a hard life?


If Mooney could add more cabin space they would have a potent airplane, they are fast and have sufficient range

I like the Ovation, but the company has issues, too many CEO’s


Would you like pressurization with that?


The infamous M22 Mooney Mustang, too many problems with that airplane. It was introduced in 1966. The right idea at the wrong time.


Aviation is full of compromise. If they increase the cabin space, the efficiency of the plane goes down. It’s all a matter of recognizing your values. I would take a smaller cabin over a bigger one due to the increased fuel efficiencies and speeds.


Agreed, but you only have to look at the Epic LT/Dynasty to see form and fuction in a class of efficient, speedy travel


The Epic planes burns WAAAAAYYY more fuel than a mooney…


Yes…they do. But the LT/Dynasty is WAAAAAYYY bigger, and WAAAAAYYY faster… :unamused:


That’s true also … :frowning:


You forgot about WAAAAAAAAAAY more expensive :unamused:


You get what you pay for…