If You were an Airline CEO!!


If you were an airline ceo, what would your airline be? Include your fleet
hubs, routes and aircraft operated on those routes etc.


If I was one, my airline would be “Mountain Air.” And it would be based at KDEN. And I would maybe have King Air 1900’s, SAAB 340’s, Dash-8’s. Something like that… :stuck_out_tongue:


There is currently no market for a new airline, but if one were out there it would be Low cost high quality service between Mexican population centers in the US and Toluca, Monterrey.

For example: MDW-TLC/MTY, DFW-TLC/MTY/GDL, OAK-TLC/MTY, wherever you can get in in NY area (probably SWF if they have customs)-TLC/GDL, ATL-TLC/MTY, DEN-TLC. Once the new airport at Tegucigalpa opens I’d look at beginning service there as well from the best performing cities that also have high Honduran populations (there is currently no LCC service to Honduras)

Service would not be daily, fleet would be small (4 or 5 737’s or A319’s) and flown hard, high density seating, a-la-carte service, flat bag fee of $20 per bag for up to 4 bags. Train airline “sales staff” in Mexican neighborhoods to push the service and sell tickets through the website for a small commission. Otherwise use no external distribution channels.

This in my opinion is the only “hole” left that could be easily served by a single airline with aircraft that are currently available.


I’d have a fleet of 737NG and have non-stop service to major cities from Cuba (once relations open to that point)


TATL LCC… pick up some cheap 763s and pack them to the gills.


My airline would provide service between Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio with three 737-200’s and no matter what anyone thinks, this airline will never operate with hubs.


The only way that would work is if you hired a bunch of young, good looking stewardesses and made them wear hot pants.



Yeah I know freight is down right now but hauling passengers is a PITA!



Were are your 772F’s? :smiley:


B777-200 freighter??


Easy there, I’m already in enough debt with the other ones! :laughing:



Which brings me to exactly what I was going to mention, should an airline ever fall into my hands. I’d pretty much replicate Hooter’s Air - except for the part where they weren’t making any money.


I would have to think for a while about routes, but with out a doubt, the pig I’d choose for my fleet would be the infamous Jetstream31 !! :smiley: and 8) and :confused: and :wink:


NOOooooo!!! Don’t use Junkstreams!!!

But if you have your heart set on it buy one of these tired old heaps.

I notice it’s not on the above list, but 529PA tried to kill me on 3 different occasions. You could probably buy the entire dumpster it’s in for $500 and put it back together yourself if you wanted.


IF I were a CEO I’d be looking on getting some of that rediculous EAS govt money handout. Buy a few Cessna Caravans and hit all the small towns for routes going to the major hubs connecting to the majors, hire a bunch of female pilots with large breasts, making two of them my mistresses. In a years time, I would be sued for harrassment, forced to resign and pay myself a large (in the millions) CEO separation bonus stemming from the TARP fund. I would eventually be blasted allover CNN, and then make it to the David Letterman show. :smiley:

I love to fantasize… :exclamation:


HAHAHA! I knew it wouldn’t take long!! Very next post! Yeah, they’ve seen better days, or maybe they haven’t. I was at two carriers that operated them. Trans States was one, the crews by in large hated them, no autopilot, Air Conditioners either spit water and metal shavings (good) or were freon deffered for three months starting in May (Bad) . I was also at Chicago Express and the crews seemed to like them, there was way less bad talk about them. I think it’s a matter of how well they are maintained. I personally liked them, but in that renegade, I like em cause no one else will sorta way.
Hard to beleive you can get a turboprop of that size for $300,000, knowing that some have gone recently for $900,000ish, these sure are tired and beat I’d imagine. The ones that sold higher were also the J32/EP and about 5 to 6 years newer.
As sick as it sounds though, there’s a soft spot in my heart for the J31! :blush:


Interesting, I didnt know Pan Am had those type of A/C in thier fleet. Learn something everyday. And as far as a J31, I wouldnt kick one out of bed, they look pretty nice. And the price? Holy hell, a Beech 1900 goes for more than that! :open_mouth:


Let’s be perfectly clear about this. Pan-Am, the real Pan-Am (the once great and mighty Pan-Am), never operated these.

Boston-Maine airways operated under the Pan-Am name, because its parent company bought the rights to the name only. The DOT shut them down in 2008, after finding a whole raft of financial, safety, and management issues.

Ironically, Boston-Maine brought on the scrutiny by bidding on some EAS routes in New York.



Oh ok I gotcha. Thanks for the clarity.



Very true, definitely no relation to the real Pan Am! Pan Am 1 did have a subsidiary though, "Pan Am Express back in the 80s that operated J31s and ATRs.
TWA bought the company during Pan Am’s demise and operated it as Trans World Express. TWA even referred to it as PanAm Express after TWA bought them.
As mentioned though, the only similarity between the two (and the Pan Am 2 of the mid 90s with A300s or 310s) is the globe on the tail and nothing more!