What do people think of AirTran??? There fleet??? There people??? BTV as just finished a $28million project adding a new concourse including a skyway walkway and 5 new gates with jetways. BTV is looking to fill them with either AirTran or Air Canada or both by the end of the year. I hope if AirTran does come to BTV that they fly there B737’s. So if your for AirTran could you go the link and vote for them to go to BTV as there new stop??? :smiley: 8)


They don’t allow the use of GPS receivers during flight, so I won’t fly them. There were times when they had better flight times or fares (or both) than other flights I did choose.


Thank You NeedleNose for selecting BTV for there new destination I will keep you informed of the situation if and when anything happens. If anyone else could do what NeedleNose and I have done it would be GREAT. I think with the thousands of people on this site we can work as a team and make this dream become reality!!! :laughing: 8)


Just to play Dami’s advocate, it’s “their” when showing possession (their fleet, etc.).

Anyway, I’ve flown them 3 times, and we never had any problems with them. The aircraft are all fairly new and very clean (except for 1 leg of my last trip). I haven’t flown the legacies since some of them started charging for soft drinks, etc.; AirTran doesn’t charge you for them (no meal service, just pretzels or cinnamon cookies). They give you complementary headphones (to keep if you want) to listen to XM radio, which I think is nice.
I have a pretty high opinion of them. They’re just about single-handedly responsible for putting KCAK on the map. Its annual volume is something like 10X what it was when FL began service there, and all the regional airlines that serve it have benefited from the increased attention the airport has received. Thumbs Up from me. Good luck getting them, but I can see possible conflicts arising with jetBlue, and AirTran will look very carefully at how difficult it will be to compete there before promising anything. That’s one thing they seem to have done the right way since their “rebirth.”


Sounds like you had good times with them. JetBlue is a very good airline at BTV so I hope we get AirTran without the lose of JetBlue. BUT I think that JetBlue wouldn’t leave BTV for that.


Well they have selected and Phoenix was the place that won. So everyone in Phoenix congrates and hope you enjoy Air Tran.


I think they would do great if they flew to Nashville. It would really give DL some competition. We have like 1 daily 752, 3 daily 738s and ai think 3 daily md88s so they def have a monopoly.


Nashville was one of the places but I voted BTV.


Airtran has always provided me ontime flights, their planes are fairly new and friendly (not necessarily the best looking) flight attendants. I like them.


Here’s a NICE airline story, for a change: As you may or may not know, a charter bus carrying the Bluffton (Ohio) University baseball team went over an overpass in Atlanta this morning (3/2). Six people were killed, and around 20 were injured. According to CNN (no linkie yet), AirTran has offered to fly relatives to ATL for free if they call the airline’s toll-free # and talk to a person they have designated to accommodate these families. I thought this was a nice gesture, and the positive PR surely doesn’t hurt.


Well, I hope all the nice things said about them are true since I’m flying them on Wed. and Sat. MSP-MCO then MCO-ATL-MSP.


Additionally, the Toledo Blade is Reporting That even though Airtran does not normally fly out Toledo Express (Bluffton University is near Toledo), they are setting up a Friday afternoon charter for the families

The airline does not fly out of Toledo. However, an Airtran charter flight is schedule to fly out of Toledo at 5 p.m. Friday.

I used Google Earth to find look at the road configuration at the accident site, and my (non traffic engineer) opinon is that it was a tragedy waiting to happen. The HOV lanes exit from the center of the freeway and lead up a ramp to a “T” intersection at the top of the overpass.


They pulled a 737, no less. … /KTOL/KATL


Over the last 10 years I think they said, there has been 84 crashes at the site.


I fly them for one reason. They are the cheapest from KDAY to KMCO. Also direct.


Likewise at KCAK, but in the last couple of months, Delta has been matching them pretty much penny for penny, both to ATL and MCO. They’re still the cheapest way ($39-49, depending on when you buy) to LGA or BOS.


I’ve also noticed that delta is adding more flights to KMCO but AirTran is still the cheapest.