Embrear 170's


Hey there just wondering if anyone has flown in one yet and if you liked it? Just booked a trip with one of Deltas anyone know if they are nice or not? Thanks ALot.

Jake Morris


I flew on one from BTV-DCA last June it was a really fun plane and it is really big and roomy inside despite what it looks like on the outside.


I got a really nice surprise one my flight back from DCA-BTV when the aircraft was in the Star Alliance paint. :smiley:



Thanks for the info i am looking foreward to that flight and it sounds like you had a pretty good experience with them!


When is your flight if you don’t mind me asking??? Also where is it departing from and where is it arriving to?


I have been on one from FLL to EYW. Its a really nice plane.


I am going this summer from MSP my home airport to ATL. I am a big Northwest fan…never really stray to other airlines haha.


I was wondering because your name is NWA1819 and your flying with delta.


Air canada have very nice E175 and 190’s they are very nice inside and even have PTV’s at ever site

go here to se a pic airliners.net/open.file?id=1121526


This link is better:



Hey thanks alot for those pics. I had seen the one with the PTV’s before but i am pretty sure Delta wont have those. Nitro…who do you usually fly with?