expedia shows 738/752 service from ATL-BNA


So i was looking up on expedia for a flight or two, and it said that the BNA-ATL and ATL-BNA would be operated with a 738 and 752 respectively!!! Can anyone confirm this???

Example: On October the 19th it says that there will be3 738 flights to ATL , ONE 752 Flight to ATL, along with various md83s and crjs


I’m assuming they are Delta flights?


767-300 service too! :slight_smile:


Just checked the electronic schedule Delta has up, and that’s what it looks like.


IT looks like from delta’s website that starting sept 6th,they are adding 738’s and a 757.It’s been a while since I’ve flown into bna on a delta 757!


Thats great! I can’t wait to see DL 738s and 752s bak in BNA!~!!!
Looks like two 738 flights start Sept 6th and the other 738 flt and the 752 flt start two days later!