ATL-BNA DL 738!!!

Is this the start of 738 daily from ATL??? I hope so!


Based on previous flights, I’d say it was a substitution aircraft. Sorry.


Man, I had hopes that maybe DL would start serving BNA with Boeings again, the last service with a Boeing was the old 752 service they had for a couple of years. I remember a year ago from the second of july when my family and I were flying back from CZM through ATL and flying back to BNA on the 752, it was packed! Not sure why they axed that route!


well, it happened today wit again


I took a look a the DAL schedule. Unfortunately for you the only scheduled aircraft at BNA are regional jets and a couple of MD88s to Atlanta.

You do have one-stop international service to YYZ and YUL, though.


Something about this isn’t right. If you look at the past flights, even the 738 that was used yesterday isn’t listed. It was changed to MD88.

Hmmmmmmmmmm…Dat just ain’t right!



Twas a different flight yesterday! so dat right!



I DID NOT notice that…good call.




I couldn’t have let somebody else show ya up, ya know? :smiley: