Your Favorite Airline


HI, all! Whats your favorite airline? I hope I havent left yours out!

:smiley: :smiley: BTW, This is my 100th post on FA!! :laughing: :laughing:


Come on dude wheres Continental or JetBlue? I like JetBlue because the seats and TV thats when i wasn’t in the window seat because my sister, i like Continental because the erj’s and because it goes to Cleveland.


Both of your polls are off-topic for the General forum!

Why not move them to the airlines forum where they would have a bit more pertinence?



how do i move it?


Believe the forum moderators (i.e. FlightAware staff) have the ability to move a topic.


Should have CO on that list.


I know I SHOULD HAVE Co on the list, but Im so sorry but I guess I just skipped over CO in my mind!

Once again, I.m Sorry! :blush:


why isnt BWIA there!!!..great warm Caribbean service and not to mention the friendly FAs on there! should consider it…oh, and COA too!


My favorite Airline is U.S. Airways, because I love the service they give… Also I have never been delayed on any of their flights! :smiley: Once my family and I went to the Cayman Islands and we were greated off of the plane by the Flight Attendent very politely… I have always had smooth landings with them, and sense they teamed up w/ America West their prices have dropped incredibly!


I’d have to say Northwest. Even though it’s in bankruptcy, it is still a great carrier. Friendly service and hundreds od destinations. Many of their aircraft are in good shape too!