Favorite Airline

What is your favorite airline?

Horizon; can you say free beer and wine!!

The one who pays me money, Delta.

Yea, before the posting cops get after us, I know there’s been several forums on favorite airlines. But there are many new people her since they were posted so lets start a new one!


They treat passengers right. They don’t pretend to be a full service airline and then nickel-and-dime you to death for that “full service.”

The Southwest online reservations system is very easy to use.

The frequent flier program is easy. You earn 16 credits within 2 years and you get a free flight anywhere on the system. Even if all of your flights were very short ones (e.g. OAK/RNO or AUS/HOU), you can still take a transcontinental flight for your roundtrip. (Credits can also be awarded by renting cars, staying at hotels, dining out, and through the Southwest branded Visa card.)

They have the lowest overall fares of any major airline. Additionally, you can purchase the fares on a one way basis, unlike many other airlines that advertise low fares then say in small print based on round trip)".

Southwest also allows hidden city fares, unlike other airlines. (Here’s an example of a hidden city fare. You are flying OAK-BNA. The fare is $150. The fare for a OAK-BWI that uses a two flights connecting in BNA is $100. You purchase the ticket to BWI, and get off the plane in BNA. You don’t use the rest of of your ticket (i.e. you throw away the BNA-BWI portion). The drawback to this is that if you check in baggage then the baggage will go to BWI and you will be responsible for getting it back.)

As a person who likes to keep a log of his flights, Southwest makes it easy to get the registration of the aircraft. You look to the right as you enter the aircraft and it’s there.

Perhaps one of the best things about Southwest is that you can cancel your non-refundable fare and get to FULL use of the fare amount for up to a year with NO cancellation fee. (Drawback: If you want to take an earlier flight than the one you are scheduled to take then you need to pay the difference between your fare and the full fare.)

NO baggage fees for the first two bags.

While Southwest is strictly a domestic airline, they will soon be code sharing with WestJet and Volaris to Canada and Mexico respectively.

Flight attendants who actually enjoy their jobs and don’t mind interacting with their customers.

WHO ARE YOU…? And what have you done with the REAL Damiross??? :open_mouth:

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The difference being:

  1. The link you reference was started in the early part of 2007
  2. Most of the threads were specialized (e.g. favorite low cost carrier, favorite legacy carrier, favorite domestic carrier)
  3. Many of the other threads had polls associated with them
  4. I thought the original poster had a good idea about starting this thread.
  5. I knew someone would come back with a “that’s already been done” posting (I know because I thought the same thing) but because I thought it time to have a new, fresh, up-to-date thread, I wanted to prevent someone from saying that (but obviously I was wrong on that! :slight_smile: )
  6. I really, really hate being predictable - no, really, I hate it!

Which airline - and why - is your favorite, Needlenose?

I’ll play along.

Currently, I’m split. SWA/WJA for the reasons already explained. The airline I wish were still around would be my favourite, which was National (ROK). Why?

  1. Vegas’ real hometown Airline (Allegiant moved in from Fresno, plus there are quite a few skeletons in AAY’s closet that I could go into).

  2. ROK was partially owned by Harrah’s (which owns the Rio, whose buffet I frequent once per week).

  3. Check in at KLAS is 4 hours in advance; You could check in at the Rio or Harrah’s 9 hours in advance.

  4. $19 fares to LAX and SFO; all B752 fleet.

  5. Their FF points were the equivalent $1, and could be transferred from your FF card to the Total Rewards cards for the Rio/Harrah’s/Harvey’s casinos, and vice versa. Meaning 15 points = $15 = free dinner at the Carnival World Buffet! :slight_smile: Also, It worked double the other way: convert 100 Total Rewards points into $50 towards a flight. 100 points was a round trip, KLAS-KLAX and return.

  6. ROK had the testicular fortitude to try to get everyone flying on 9/11/2002. Offered $1 flights each way anywhere they flew. Not often you can fly a redeye flight from KLAS-KPHL, spend the day in Philly, with your only intention being to get a real philly cheesesteak, get back on the plane and be back home in 8 hours, for $2 + tax.

  7. CEO is a professional bowler. I’ve been a bowler for 30 years. Bowled in leagues with the guy.

I wish these guys were around again. I’m stuck, because my ideal airline would be one with an all E170/E175 fleet. MEP doesn’t fly here yet, but rumour has it they’re going that way.


Posting Cops… lol… Are we getting a bad rap here??? :smiley:

I’d have to say its a toss up bewteen CAL and B6… Continental, because they have nice airplanes, still serve food, decent fares, and still operate like a decent airline…

Then again, JetBlue is also another favorite of mine. I can never get enough of the 36 channel direct tv and all the snacks I want. The leather seats are not too shabby either. Oh yea, and XM radio. :slight_smile: Just wish they flew more places.

My favorite airline is whichever one is going where I wanna go for the least amount of money. As it turns out, for my upcoming trip to Ecuador in August, looks like my favorite is currently Delta. It used to be United for a time. Indeed I like listening to channel 9 for entertainment, but they don’t go to Ecuador.

Virgin America.
Can’t beat the comfort of their A320s with the personal TVs and mood lighting.

United, for two reasons:

  • More choices of flights to/from DEN.
  • ATC on Ch 9

XM and DirecTV leave me cold. But I’m different from most people on that.

I have never flown United, but heard about the ATC. How exactly does it work?

You tune the audio thing on the armrest to channel 9 and you can hear whatever the cockpit hears and says over the ATC radio (assuming they turn it on - which they usually do).

And if they don’t, you can usually have on of the FAs ask the pilot if they would turn it on, once you have taken off, or, if you catch it early enough, they will ask on their next trip up front just before takeoff.

ATI Air Transport International, been to Antigua and Ascension more times than I can count on their DC-8, do miss going downrange on the C-141 though.

I had never heard of them until a friend got a picture of one of their DC-8s in Orlando and didn’t know what type of plane it was (not many DC-8s around Ohio)

They offer more flights to more places out of clt and their service is better than they get credited for.

Flew to Denver a couple years ago to the World Series on Frontier and had a great flight. Would love to do it again.

TWA and ATA,
I worked at both and have good memories of both. I’m sure there’s those who nostal-gize (thanks poetic license) and others who remember bad experiences on both, but they bring back alot of good memories and fun crews!

Despite bad rap on CEO and some employess, I’ve been treated nice on United, econ + is awesome compared to other domestic airlines when you’re not upgraded and ch 9 is nice bonus for aviation nuts liked me.