Air fares up or down in future

Looking to fly PBI-CLT. Usairways is 207 including everything. Pleanty of seats on each flight to and from. It would be May 21, return may 24. Just last week it was 159. Should i buy them now or wait. Thanks for your opinions. Im sure I will get both, so this is probably a waste of time, but thought I would ask. My guess is it wont move too much either way, but i want it from the experts

They are going to go up, down, and sideways - and that’s within the next twenty four hours!

In other words, it’s hard to tell what they will do.

The sad part is that Southwest doesn’t serve your route. With most airlines there’s a penalty if you change your reservations. Southwest doesn’t have that idiotic penalty. If the fare goes down, you cancel your reservations and purchase the new tickets with that money, with the reminder available for future flights (this assumes you are buying a non-refundable ticket).

They will go up, $207 is still dirt cheap for that flight

Especially since that is a holiday weekend…

Got wife, kid, and myself TUL-SNA-LAX-TUL for $209 about 2 weeks ago. Now, same flights are $294.

Prices rise as you get closer to the departure date.

thanks everyone. I booked this morning. 207.70 roundtrip.

looked at prices this morning for same flights, up $100 already, thx again for telling me to purchase when I did. :smiley:

I was somewhat surprised to see how low fares are, at least in markets served by Southwest.

I’m going to Nashville next month. Southwest has advance purchase, one way fares of about $115-$120, including taxes. Because I’d like to get to BNA early in the morning rather than late afternoon or night, I checked the other airlines using The lowest one way, advance purchase fares there are about $120. Not bad!

I’d known about but had never really used it. I think it’s the best site for comparing air fares I’ve seen. It allows for all sorts of filtering.

Kayak shows the following fares for a round trip CLT/PBI leaving on 5/21 and returning 5/24:
United: $308
US Airways: $315
Delta: $315

United doesn’t fly to PBI, so that fare is actually on US

I know that. It’s a code share flight. Even though the flight is on US, the flight is operated as a UA flight and the fares are set by them.

My tix would now cost 417.00 on US Airways, for the same itenarary. I paid 207.70 when i booked :smiley:

As demand increases, price increases. If the plane is going empty, the price is dirt cheap. Sounds like a full flight, make sure you get your seat assignments, I’m not sure US Airways’ policy on oversold flights.

Note: Delta’s is the last person to check in is the first one off but all carriers are different.

Flights to Florida during the winter and spring are almost always full (slight exceptions are going down on a tuesday and back on a thursday).

Those flights usually don’t take Involuntary denied boardings (bumped passengers) as there are usually plenty of volunteers (old folks who don’t have any pressing need to get there quickly who gladly take $200 to take a later flight or odd connection).