gogoinflight + American Airlines flight 545

= Win

Im pretty shocked how fast it is up here. We are just 150 miles out of DFW heading for SEA.


Im actually enjoying having wifi and the fact its fast is pretty nifty. only 12.95 for the flight. Pretty nice.

I’ve posted while on Delta flights before. It’s pretty cool

Ive been on it since we left. We are about 45 minutes out which is about 3 hours and not had one drop out or any speed issues. Course Im not trying to do massive downloads. But for Email and Casual Browsing its a pretty good service. Id say its going to be a win for both the Airlines and for GoGo if they can keep the costs the same.

Max price per day ever is 12.95, and for Cross country flights that aint bad. Too bad they cant go international

Unless my company is paying for it and I am using it for business purposes, it’s doubtful I would use inflight Internet access.

$12.95 may not seem like a lot but when you consider the time you can use it, it is quite expensive My Internet access at home is only $41.04 a month.

On a 3:40 like AAL545, the time you can use the Internet is, optimistically, 3:20 (10 minutes to get to 10,000 feet and be able to use your computer and 10 on descent), the cost is $3.88 an hour. For a thirty day month, that comes to $2,797.23 a month (3.8 * 24 * 30).

At $41.04 a month, I’m paying 5.7 cents an hour.

Plus, my battery would die way before the flight was over! :slight_smile: (Does AAL have electrical outlets in economy?)

You could buy a monthly pass for $29.95 which wouldn’t be bad if you were a FF.

That’s not too bad of a deal. Cheaper than my unlimited data plan on my smart phone by 5 cents.