Tracking your own AA flight in the air!

I am on AA 1846 SJC to DFW, With GoGo net on the plane and Flight aware I can see where we are inflight, I am a Pilot of cessna 340/ 560 and so I can look at the ground somtimes and tell where we are but this is quite COOL! look mom no GPS…

Delta used to show “ahem” another flight-tracking network’s images of your flight during breaks (at least in first-class).

For several years , whenever they overbooked the direct CMH-BDL afternoon flight 75% of the time), I would take the “bump”, connect via CVG on a flight that departed 15 minutes later, then fly first class CVG-BDL AND get a $250 flight credit. Sitting up front, watching your progress on the TV screen, and enjoying free bourbon was a small price to pay for spending two fewer hours in your hotel room in Hartford.

Maybe I’m the one that caused DL to drop the nonstops? :open_mouth: