Anyone Tracking


so what are people tracking at this time? mine is BTA2252 E145 form BTV to CLE. its my favorite plane and one of my favorite airline to track. :smiley:

  1. I go to wherever the heavy weather is (currently KBOS). Love to see how controllers vector flights, and the captains’ decisions to wait it out or to go to their alternate airports;

  2. My favorite city pair is KCLE - KLAS, and the reverse. (KCLE was my “home” airport so I’m somewhat familiar with it; KLAS is where I wish I were!) COA, AWE, and SWA have the routes and I like to observe whose routing, altitude, etc. makes the trip quicker;

  3. I also drop in on KCAK (Akron-Canton, Ohio) occasionally to watch their growth—and also to see if KCAK drains COA’s KCLE traffic or the region will support both.

BTA seems to be everywhere don’t they?



CLE oh,i love the continental erj’s my favorite. My sister used to live in Ueclid she went to Ohio auto tech in Cleveland. i always tryed to see the airport but never did :cry: But we flew in one time from BTV to go to MCO on a COA737 but yeah being in the COA hub was nice, to see the erj’s all lined up. Today like i said tracked a BTA2252 ERJ-145 from BTV-CLE


Nice choices!! :wink:
(Look at my location if you don’t get it)



Yea, I knew you were out there, planeaholic! So I trust you’ll keep us informed, via this forum, of breaking developments?



Nitro, this one’s for you:

I didn’t take the pic or anything, but having read your posts, I couldn’t help but think of this picture. This must be a sneak preview of heaven for you… :wink:

P.S. If you love Embraer, you’d definitely be right at home @ CLE…Every time I’ve spotted up there, day or night, about 60-70% of the traffic is ERJs.


sstuff wrote:“Yea, I knew you were out there, planeaholic! So I trust you’ll keep us informed, via this forum, of breaking developments?”

BREAKING NEWS…It’s sprinkling in CLE…or, more specifically, it’s sprinkling ~15 mi. S of CLE…Crews are on their way to the scene as we speak, with more updates to come!!! :wink:


I LOVE THAT PICTURE i ave it somewhere on here i sent it to ipodguy7. I know all about the erjs at CLE. i just bought FS2004 on ebay looking forward to it and downloading CLE and COA erjs and flying them back and forth from BTV to CLE. you guys are every lucky to live near each other to inform one another about things going on. I wish there was someone feom BTV on here. Do you guy use FS2004 if so does it lag or things like that? if you every see anymore picture like those ERJ’s PLEASE send them to me on the personal messages or on the pictures thread in airlines. :smiley:


That question would fit in perfectly with a chat room.

The chat room suggestion has been made before and got a favorable FA response. I assume it’s in the works at some level. I’m sure we’ve all made other suggestions that we’d give priority to, so I guess I’ll just wait.


That questions was asked by me back in April.


And by me on January 21st.

Gotcha, nitro! LOL!