Boeing's Connexion


I am flying Portland, OR to Frankfurt next September, and will be aboard a Lufthansa A340 with Boeing’s Connexion service availabe. I am really stoked about this.

Does anybody have any experience using this sweet, new technology?



Maybe I’m stupid, but I have no idea what “Boeing’s Connexion” is, nor do I know why such a…whatever it is would be available aboard an Airbus a/c. Feel free to explain this “sweet, new technology” please. I’m all ears…or eyes, I guess.


It’s wifi in the plane,


Ah yeah - I think I heard something about this. You pay an extra fee (about the same as a month’s worth of internet service with your regular ISP), and you’ll have internet for the duration of your flight. WOOooo-HOOOooo! I guess if you’re an Internet day-trader or your life-blood depends on being connected, it may be worth it. Me…? I’d save my money.


I think it’s amazing and will be life changing – I wouldn’t hesitate to buy it.

It’s $10 for an hour, $15 for two hours, $18 for 3 hours or $27 for 24 hours – including connecting flights. That’s <$3/hr on a >10 hour flight and you get entertainment and productivity. Almost as good as being at home, if you ask me.


jetBlue just picked up some spectrum to offer their own wifi internet product on-board their flights.


Yep. I have done a ton of reading on it- it looks pretty good, and has had great reviews. In terms of speed, it says “close to ADSL speeds”. You can even utilize instant messenger features. I wonder if Skype will work? Probably not, as I am sure there is huge latency issues.

I will definately be watching my track for as long as possible on the way over there.

Yeah, 27 bucks ain’t bad for an alternative to boring movies and lame music for 10 1/2 hours.



Sounds cool. How long until FA gets a new forum exclusively for those who are posting from FL36000? :wink:


Who the hell is going to be posting from the freaking moon???

Just messing with ya! I know what you mean!


Okay, FL360. Sorry. :blush:

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A cure for AIDS is life changing Dan, this is only technology.

And grossly overpriced technology at that! One of my laptops goes with me every time I travel and I have more ways to connect to the internet than Carter’s got liver pills.

But I sincerely doubt that I will be signing up for this service any time in the foreseeable future for any US hops, although it might become more attractive on a trip to CN, JP or OZ.


Even if you have a 10 hour trip, you better have a lot of batteries for your laptop if you want it to last that long! Ok, maybe 3, but you gotta factor that in to your costs too, especially if you don’t fly 10 hours all that often.


I can get an easy 5 hours out of a 9 cell battery on my T41p and often carry two on long trips.

But I cheat, I use an Empower brick on flights where a connector is provided.



Passengers aboard our aircraft will not be able to use this new “Boeing Connexion,” as its use at altitude could result in an engine failure. Furthermore, our “studies” have shown that downloading photos may cause a mechanical failure in the flush mechanism of the lavatories. Please make all flight attendants aware of these issues at once, so we may never have to face the consequences of such diabolical technology.

Sincerely, in the name of snubbing out all possible forms of IFE,

                                                         Guido Ciccolini
                                                         Invented CEO of the moment

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