Hello from FL370

Hey Ya’ll I’m heading back to FLL (via ATL) on DELTA 2049 right now and using the WI-FI. (had a free trial)


Waz up with this??? How come you are not in the front office enjoying the panoramic view :stuck_out_tongue:


My company is too small and specialized to have a reciprocal agreement with the airlines and besides I’m traveling with my Fiancee so jump-seating would’t have worked.
So it’s back of the bus for me. plus the jump-seat is pretty uncomfortable on a 4hr flight.

How is the service? When WN brings their service online (no pun intended) later this year, I was thinking about the subscription plan. I’m sure all of them are using the same network.

It’s about like DSL. not as fast as Cable but it get and goes

With your fiance, it would be uncomfortable in a jump seat? Sounds like you need to hone in on your jump seating skills

:stuck_out_tongue: :open_mouth: :stuck_out_tongue:

FINALLY on the way to FLL. Had to wait in the “dirty south” AKA “The ATL” for 4 hours before we connected.

If you’re going to heaven or hell, there’s a good chance you’re connecting in Atlanta.

And we all know what DELTA stands for, right?

Here are a few funnies

And the one I was thinking of wasn’t even listed? Damn! Everything Leads to Atlanta!