Favorite Airline.....


I am sure this has been a topic before but i would still like to know. What is your favorite airline company, and why?


There’s been at least 3 topics on “favorite airline.” I’m willing to share my favorite airline. However, there is a slight charge of $20 per letter of the airline’s name, payable in advance in small American bills.




I like American from flying them about a half dozen times this past year. United has also been fine. Try to avoid Northwest, have not been on Delta in a while to comment on them and the other two I have never flown.

Only flown Southwest once, which is hard to do flying out of MSP, but I like them and the like what I see and read about them


American Carrier: Delta
Foreign Carrier: Icelandair






Legacy: United
low cost: Sun Country

worst: NwA



I flown with ATA…they are okay…I dont like them very much though…My favorite foreign airline is Virgin Atlantic…I fly to London-Heathrow once a year to visit family…


virgin galactic…spaceship one and two


SS1 will never fly again, it’s already at the Smithsonian.


yeah…but it started everything


Has no one flown Aeroflot?


Several times, but they’d never make it into even the top 100 of my favorite airlines.


Internal or international flights? I understand the internal flights can be quite ummm…interesting.


Both, and yes the internal flights were VERY interesting!

Still, at the time (pre-Glasnost), flying was better than the internal railroads.


I would say AA. They have the most professional flight attendants and pilots and the best prices, and routes from my home base. Many times the only nonstop service available. United was my favorte from the east coast and they had the best food. United Express over the rockies is a great service with very skilled pilots. I like the humor on Southwest but I don’t care for 737s so I avoid them. Never booked on Delta but they came through for me after an American non-weather cancellation.


My favorite airline would have to be Northwest. Every time I fly, I get good service and normally on time flights. NWA also goes to many airports on direct flights that many airlines would require a connecting flight.


…Well, yeah, if you happen to live in Detroit or Minneapolis. Otherwise, they offer the same hub layovers as everyone else.


I prefer Alaska Airlines… Very friendly and always on time (with every flight I’ve been on at least). I’ve flown with them KLAX to mexico a few times and really enjoyed it. Much better than Mexicana. Although it is always weird to see the eskimo sitting on the ramp near palm trees.

But if we’re getting $20 a letter for our imput my favorite airline would have to be- Servico Acoreano de Transportes Aereos… They Rule!!!