Your Favorite American Airline

Well, my favorite is Delta because I fly the most freq. :laughing:

p.s. Sorry if I left out your fav!!!

Being a Miami native I was partial to Eastern! Given the choices I went with American Airlines. Also, my dad was close friends with “old man Chalk”. I just love those Grummans…I’ve gone cruising on the intracoastal just to photograph them take off and land. What a sight. Shame about the accident a few months back. The website is worth checking out if only for the pictures. And I remember Piedmont Air (now US Air if I’m correct…and if I’m not someone will surely show me the error of my ways) Flying Piedmont was just like being in a Carol Burnett skit…what trips!
My apologies of course to any of you senior captains who were co-pilots for Piedmont back in the day!!! :laughing:
Did I forget to mention Pan Am…I miss them too! :cry:

If you want to go back to old memories, Braniff was quite good. I remember a BN flight LHR/DFW. It was a 3 movie flight!

I flew the old Canadian Pacific only once. It was Amsterdam/Toronto/Calgary. No first class, but CP business class was better than most first class services. They had the most tender steak I’ve ever eaten on an airplane, better than what most good restaurants offer. I cleared Canadian customs in Toronto and learned that President Reagan had been shot that day.

My current favorite airlines are Qantas for international and Southwest for domestic. SWA has the most entertaining cabin staff in a day when no airline features cabin service.

I believe I still have a cabin blanket I “borrowed” from a Braniff flight!!! And a drawer full of decks of their playing cards.
I was actually watching TV when the news broke about Reagan…amazing how we remember every detail of what/where/when we were at such times.

Allegheny Airlines + Piedmont Airlines = US Air

In the mid-60s on a DCA-CRW-CLE Piedmont flight, the pilot landed “long” (I believe is the term) at CRW. Turning at the last taxiway, I nearly stained my underwear when I saw that the runway terminated down the side of a mountain.

Don’t believe I have a favorite airline anymore. They’re pretty-much all vanilla and characterless. In the past, I found the original Eastern and the original National to be very reliable.

I just flew Hawaiian last week.

One word: AWESOME!

Hot, GOOD food. Great in-flight entertainment. Delightful staff.

Hawaiia rocks.


i dont rate american airlines long haul i flew lhr klax. lhr newark. hostess are to old they look desperate, dont know how to smile. have not got a can add continental airlines as well.give me virgin airlines any day

I’ve got to go with United. Flew GRR-ORD-IAD-TPA in 2003 and we were 45-50 minutes late leaving ORD. Thought I would miss my connecting flight in IAD but the staff asked for anyone not connecting to let the rest of us off first. I was able to walk across the hallway from one gate to the other as my section was being seated right then. Also never lost a bag yet. Also TVC-ORD-SEA-ANC in 2005 with the same great sevice. Maybe not all the ammenities of others, however, United has been good to me.


Where’s Northwest or Sun Country???

Alaska Air?, Horizon, Spirit, Song, Ted?

Where’s the delete button for these polls?

Some points on the names of some airlines:

=>Delta Air Lines (space between “Air” and “Lines”
=>Hawaiian Airlines (no longer called Hawaiian Air)
=>Southwest (the “w” is lower case, not upper case.

You missed one Dami… jetBlue the “j” is lowercase.

I didn’t know that. Got my learning out of the way for today!

It’s interesting, on their homepage they use both the lowercase “j” and the uppercase “J.” It appears the lowercase is the official usage, though.

Looking at the documents filed with the SEC, it appears the official name is JetBlue with ** j**etBlue being used for marketing.

Yea, I have always used lowercase, but maybe I’m wrong, it appears that they only use the lowercase in the actual logo, not when they mention the name in print. All of the airplanes say jetBlue. But then again, all Southwest airplanes say SOUTHWEST, so maybe there is no right answer.

I have to stop watching TV* when trying to compose a message, it takes too long.
Thanks for checking on that Dami.

*Royal Tenenbaums


You’re welcome.

I saw the movie and, if I remember correctly, the best thing you can do with that movie is stop watching it! :slight_smile:

:unamused: OK, i’m sorry i left out your favorite airline. There is a limit to options you know!!! :unamused: