Least Favorite airlines


what is you least favorite airline(s), or least favorite airline(s) paint sceme?

airliners.net/open.file/1032371/L/ :open_mouth: I like some of the schemes but some of them are just out of hand and god ugly.


That would be the state of Maryland’s flag. Since BWI is Southwest’s east coast hub, they did that scheme to pay tribute to the people of the state of Maryland. As ugly and out-of-hand as it is, I can appreciate the motive behind gesture.

THIS however, is something I can never forgive:

They went WAAAAAaaay over the line with that one! :unamused:

…and careful what you click on over at airliners.net! I accidentally clicked on an ad link there (not sure what link it was) and mcafee notified me that I piched up a trojan there!


hahahaha :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: OH MY GOSH talk about an advertisment. WOW :laughing: :laughing:


This MD-83 is another ad-plane, if anyone is interested.

And just search for some of the Ryanair special ones, there are lots.


I don’t know how the airline’s service will be, but this has got to be the UGLIEST livery of all time. God help me, I hope they change the scheme (and airline name?)before their first flight (if there is one). Oh, I hope this doesn’t turn out to be a big embarrassment for my beloved hometown (Columbus, OH)!!

skybus.com/ :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

This would be the first time the livery itself may keep me from flying an airline. If I DID fly it, I would have to wear a wig & sunglasses to avoid the embarrassment of boarding a plane that looks like Wonder Woman threw up all over it?! :blush:



or should i say, NORTHWORST?@


Yeah, one of the things that’s made me nervous with so many airlines in financial trouble is that somebody is gonna come up with the “bright” idea to sell ad space on their fleet. I love NASCAR, but I DO NOT want to see planes covered in corporate logos, like race cars. Fortunately, (knock, knock), it hasn’t happened on a large scale…yet.


What’s wrong with Northworst?


I definately have to go with Southwest, even though they make for an entertaining TV show, that I am constantly yelling at the stupidity of the passengers.

I’m just not a fan of being herded into an aircraft like cattle, recreating a NASCAR race to get a good seat, and being packed in like pickles, which, is tighter than sardines (thank you Ellen Degeneres)


Did you happen to read my acronym for Southwest on the “ETOPS” forum under “General Aviation?” :laughing:


The illusion of being “packed in like pickles” is just that - an illusion. Southwest actually has more leg room than most domestic USA airlines at 32 inches.

Their 737-700’s have seating for 137. The maximum seating on a 737-700 is 149 so you they actually have two fewer rows than other airlines operating all-coach 737-700’s.

I’d much rather have open seating than reserved seating. When I’ve flown other airlines, I hardly ever get the seat I really would like. On Southwest, because I check in early (online check-in is available 24 hours before the flight departs), I always get the seat I like.

The show “Airline” is designed for sensationalism. The passengers you see constitute less than 1% of the passengers flown by Southwest or other airlines. I do not watch the show and am amazed that Southwest still allows it to go on.


I havent’t flown SW in a long time, but when I did, I didn’t like it. That may be have been before the extra leg room. As a frequent flyer, both private and commercial, I understand the point of “Airline” and what those customers represent. I think it is my lack of tolerance for “stupid” people and the fact that (in my eyes) the US has become a country of crying babies that expect everyone to make them happy for the smallest little thing. Since I used to know the people at BFL who worked for AA when they had the direct BFL-DFW flight (MAN I MISS THAT!!), I actually got on the PA system in the terminal and explained why the flight was delayed and what flying into the weather that was delaying us could do to the aircraft. It was amazing how much LESS crying there was. One observation I notice about all airlines is that they give the BS “Customer Service” answer to all questions. If they would just give the consequences of what would happen if the aircraft were to possibly leave, people might feel a little better. When I got off my soapbox at BFL, I had multiple people come up and thank me for explaining WHY we couldn’t just go around the weather, or even over it. OK, enough of this tangent.


I havent’t flown SW in a long time, but when I did, I didn’t like it. That may be have been before the extra leg room.

You probably wouldn’t like them still because the “extra leg room” has always been there. The 737-300, which is the same size as the -700, also has a maximum capacity of 149 while Southwest has always had only 137 seats.

Being 5’6" (the right height - any other height means you’re a midget or a giant (that’s a joke, son)), I haven’t had any problems with legroom.


Granted, when I did fly SW, I was with a D-I football team. That could be part of it. I also think the distinct smell of mothballs when I had to fly to Vegas from Tulsa (my wife and I set a serious skew to the average age on the plane) turned me off to them.


I also think the distinct smell of mothballs when I had to fly to Vegas from Tulsa (my wife and I set a serious skew to the average age on the plane) turned me off to them.

I’ll take your mothballs and up you malfunctioning lavoritories on a SWA flight into PHX. I have NEVER been so happy to get off a plane in my life. There is nothing like being locked in a overflowing portapotty with 150 cranky people.


… with 150 cranky people.

I’d be upset, too. The 737-700’s of Southwest can only hold 142 people (137 pax plus 2 pilots plus 3 flight attendants). The -500 holds even less.


I see your malfunctioning toilet on that SWA flight and raise you TWO engine “hiccups” on a Champion Air 727 from Ft. Collins, CO to Tulsa.


Believe me, the odor had a life of its own. It had to count for at least 8 people with good hygiene.


My nomination for Worst Airline: IBERIA!

My noon Copenhagen/Madrid flight didn’t leave until around 7:00 p.m., due to late arriving aircraft at CPH, with no further explanation. We had to wait aftil after 1:00 a.m. in Madrid for the Malaga flight to depart. Consequently, we didn’t arrive at our hotel in Marbella until about 4:00 a.m., when we were scheduled to be there about 6:00 p.m. the night before. What a way to start a vacation with three young kids!

The reason for the delay? Iberia crews went on strike. The airline never said a word about it, never apologized for any inconvenience. They were using supervisory staff and a few temp employees to fly the planes. What a surly crew they were.

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There seem to be both posts about peoples’ least favorite airlines and least favorite paint schemes, so I will add my vote for TANS Peru here. With a fleet of two 737’s and a few smaller planes, probably not having more than 6 or 7 planes total over the years, they have managed to have two fatal accidents in the last three years.

I had to fly on this airline for a Lima-Pucallpa-Iquitos flight on one of the 737’s since the US State Department decided less than a month before my trip to make it illegal for US citizens to fly on Aerocontinente. Pucallpa doesn’t appear to have any ILS, but we landed there while it was raining heavily, with very poor visibility, after one missed approach. We then waited for an hour, while it was raining, with the doors open and no air conditioning on (the Amazon is rather hot and humid). The captain came out and talked to those of us sitting in front, telling us that he was concerned about taking off because of a nearby mountain range, and wanted to wait until he could see the mountains. Others in the plane were apparently not informed of the delay at all. We took off before the clouds cleared, however, and I don’t believe that the mountains were ever visible.

Luckily, it appears that the airline is no longer operating.