Your Favorite Low Cost Carrier?

What is your favorite Low Cost Carrier?

I stay true to blue.

Of this list, I’ve only flown AirTran (I’ve flown United, but not “Ted”). I would LOVE to try jetBlue, but they don’t serve Ohio, and if I send them any more emails about it, they’ll probably file for some sort of internet restraining order.

Haha i have flown blue from BTV-JFK JFK-MCO and back i loved it, My dad and stepmom went from BTV-JFK JFK-LAS and back and they said they would always go back on them. Your missing out.

Unfortunately only one of them goes to where I want to go (MLI), which is Airtran, but I’ve also flown Southwest, and as soon as Blue starts up at RDU in July I’ll probably fly them. Ted and Frontier don’t come into RDU so no shot of taking them anywhere. I voted for Airtran simply because they serve the destinations that I want, but I haven’t had a problem with either of the two I’ve already flown.

My experience with JetBlue sucks. I took four flights (two roundtrips, OAK/LGB). Both of the LGB departures were delayed. The first delay was due to TSA finding a laptop that someone had left at the security counter. We were sent out to the drizzle outside the terminal. No one from JetBlue told us what was going on for over an hour.

The second time was due to the aircraft arriving late from JFK due to a snowstorm. I can understand this but as late as thirty minutes after the departure time, the departure screen still showed an on-time departure. They finally admitted the plane was going to be late. Turns out we were over two hours late. Addtionally, JetBlue doesn’t serve alcohol on the LGB/OAK flights. First time I had ever wanted to get some wine on my flight and they didn’t serve it! Southwest remains my favorite airline.

(Sic means “so written in the original.” It’s used to indicate that the quoted material is shown as originally written, errors and all. Just finished a great book called Eats, Shoots and Leaves. It’s all about punctuation. Fantastic book! It encourages people to point out bad punctuation. After all, if your grammar and punctuation isn’t up to snuff, then you’ll have a hard time advancing in the business world.)

damiross why do you do this kind of stuff, i could really care less if my writing isn’t making you happy. I think people understand what i write just fine.

Because what you write is not easy to read. I realize you are only a high school student but that is no excuse. To get ahead in life, you need certain skills, skills that young people are lacking today because the school system sucks.

You may not think so now but when you graduate, go to college, and then get into the real world, you’ll find out that employers will not accept bad English in a prospective employee.

It’s not just you. There are a couple of others on this forum who are supposedly native English speakers who have postings that need to be read two or three times to understand what they are saying.

Yes, I know as a teenager you know everything. I did, too, at that age. But I also learned that constructive criticism was good, no matter how much I hated it.

Well what I am saying is that maybe you could have pointed out other forums and not just mine. You and I have had a bad history with little online fights, so when you do something like you did it makes it sound like your adding to the problem. I’m also sorry I have a short temper today because of family issues that are going downhill real fast if you know what I mean. :cry:

Also my sister is stuck at KORD and has been there for 8 hours trying to get her a flight home soon. They say theres one arriving here at 7:30pm but i haven’t seen it yet.

Uuuuugh!! This is off the topic, and I’ve SWORN to myself a million times that I won’t get involved in other people’s “tiffs,” but I have to speak my piece here. 88nitro, damiross is right on the money. For this forum, I can read your posts just fine, but in “the real world,” eloquent writing and grammar skills are sooooooo much more important than perceived by a lot of people. I used to work in Personnel, and we weren’t hiring “skilled labor;” it was for basically near-minimum wage retail positions that I hired. Applications w/ poor spelling/grammar went into the trash can. It’s all about the first impression. The first impression I got (justified or not) from these apps would be a slobbenly, unsophisticated person who doesn’t care about “the little things” that can make the difference between a good employee and a bad one. Take his advice to heart. It really helps!! Look at me; I’m the self-proclaimed “dumbest smart person I know,” but I can convince almost anybody that I’m MORE intelligent than reality dictates simply by spelling and punctuating correctly. (OK, I’ve left myself wide open here, so let me have it. :open_mouth: )

And because people can’t be helped if they don’t won’t help, I’ll keep my big mouth (typing fingers?) shut while I try to read postings. If I can’t make any sense out of a posting then, naturally, I won’t be able to help the poster.

(Yes, a conjunction should not start a sentence; however, in this case, it is to refer the reader back to planeaholic’s good posting.)

I, too, am having a bad day (make that week) specifically because of what I said above. Here I am, working in a large health care organization with supposedly educated people, and I’m trying to decipher what the heck they are trying to say. I know they are writing in English - I recognize the words - but I don’t know what they are trying to say.

Ok i’ll take it to the heart and remember things more and use better skills. I just want the day to end.

The word you were grasping for is “slovenly”!



(Ducking and RUNNING!)

My mistake. Thanks, James. Geez, now everyone thinks I’m stupid!! :cry: :cry:


Here’s hoping everyone’s day/week ends on a higher note!!

You should add Sun Country.

Mine would have to be a write in vote for USA3000.
FAA callsign Getaway (GWY)

I have never seen a USA3000. Is it part of US Airways? Where’s the hub for it?

They are an independent airline, not affiliated with anyone else, and serve mainly vacation destinations from a variety of major airports.

Do you know what the main hub is?