jetBlue to serve KBNA

Thought a few of the “regulars” around here from the Music City might be interested to know that B6 will begin service to KBNA starting August 31st.
I’m STILL hounding them for service to either KCAK ro KCLE, as well as KCMH. I’m still baffled as to why they aren’t in Columbus yet. :confused:

At this time, it appears that the only Non-stops are going to be to KJFK. Not a ton of surprises there. They’ll probably add KBOS, KLGB, or some other direct once they get a feel for the demand.

WOW just my luck. I needed cheap tickets but thats after my trip there. :frowning:

I just looked at the map that they fly to. If you look at Burlington they put it in New York but it’s in Vermont.

Thats funny, someone skipped geography class.
Southwest advertises flights to Boston but in small print its actually Manchester, NH. (MHT was even recently re-named "Manchester-Boston Regional Airport)

ironically enough, Man ends up in the wrong Manchester :laughing:

Want confusion? Fly to Cincinnati, Ohio and find out where you land.

Covington, KY, hence KCVG

BTW: Only 1 “t” in “Cincinnati.” :smiley: Gotta Go!!

At the risk of offending somebody who name begins with a letter somewhere between “L” and “N,” I just want to let you know that I have noted and so corrected my posting.

Unless, like me, you fly into Lunken Field, which IS in Ohio.
And then call your wife from the hotel and tell her you’re in Kentucky. You’re right it does get confusing.

YEAAAAAHHHHHH! Thats great news! I’ll definetly have to try their service to JFK sometime.

So how was the trip and flight to BWI. I tracked some of it.

SFO is not in San Francisco. Yet, the property is considered the city of San Francisco. Is CVG the same thing? In other words, is CVG considered an enclave of Ohio that is located in Kentucky?

Oh, man, it was a great trip. I’d highly reccomend the inner harbor to anyone here who hasn’t been. Baltimore in the Spring is lovely. Lots of history. We also went to Philadelphia for a day and liked it so much that we are going to come back for at least a week later this summer. We saw an Orioles game and it was outstanding, and we stayed at the Marriott at Camden Yards, it was excellent.

Sounds pretty good. I went to Philadelphia once but I found it to be to dirty and was worried about my little sister. But I loved being there because of the fast moving enviornment. Was the Orioles game against the Yankees or the BlueJays?? I bet the food was good at the game. Well its nice to see you back and its good that you had a good time. :slight_smile:

Blue Jays. The food in Baltimore was great. Expecially the crab. I am missing the great seafood right now. THe top resturant for seafood is Legal Sea Food,(THey have locations up and down the coast and a location in the BOS airport USAIRWAYS terminal)

Sounds good Did you spot at the airport at all besides seeing the Lufthansa A330?? Or were you in and out?

It was good, but my camera was broke on Spring Break in Honduras so I didnt.

Thats sucks.

So, will this be operated by a A320 or E190? My guess would be the E190

I would think it would be A320 but whats my 2 cents. So I bet seeing the Lufthansa flight was a nice highlight to the trip am I right.