JetBlue is not a Philadelphia Yet ?!


Wow. I cant believe that jet blue hasn’t expanded their routes to PHL yet! You would think they would follow behind the Southwest whos making soo much money off of new flight routes to Boston etc.


Last I remembered, it is a little over an hour’s drive from KPHL to the New York area, so why spend the gas in service to PHL when their main base east coast base of ops is a little over an hour’s drive?

Just because they can, doesn’t mean they should, unless they see some major potential in revenue there. Otherwise, not worth it.



You can drive from KPHL to KJFK in a little over an hour?


At 2AM in a Ferrari.


I googled it, 93 miles driving distance. By the time you figure arriving at the airport at least 1 1/2 hours before the flight, flight time, then time getting out of the airport, I’m not sure you would be ahead (and your wallet much lighter). The only reason for such a route would be to connect to other flights, not as a destination.


Sometimes it isnt easy to drive that. It takes a good 2 hours. I dont understand why southwest should have a monopoly at the PHL airport for cheap flights. There would certainly be a large market for jetblue.


Southwest doesn’t make much money at PHL - in fact they REDUCED the number of flights they have there.

The airports that B6 is strong in are either too close to PHL to serve (JFK) or already have too much competition on the route to a point where they would just get their brains beat in (LGB/LAX, FLL, BOS, MCO). The only route I can see being viable would be SJU once AA drops it.


NYC to Philly? Figure 2 to 2 1/2 hrs of wanting to kill everything in sight as you slooooowly creep down the Turnpike. Ohhhhh, how I hate Jersey traffic.


PHL serves a few million people in a region right around Philly, and a few more north and west. So if they have to drive to JFK to fly JBU, they probably won’t choose JBU without a big bargain.

The natural way to make it easy for PHL customers to choose JBU would be partnering with a commuter line that already flies from PHL to JFK or BOS. Is there any obvious candidate?


Turnpike? I-95 worked better for me from EWR through Trenton all the way down. Screw the turnpike! :stuck_out_tongue:



Uhmmmm, the Turnpike IS I-95. Maybe you’re thinking about the Garden State Parkway?? Not that it matters, because they all SUCK!!!


Ah, how nice to live out in the wide open, sunny west with no turnpikes and clogged freeways to deal with…


Not too sure on that… oh wait… the I-95 cuts into it east of Trenton. after and south of that, the turnpike is a separate road, paralleling I-295. I spent most of my time in NJ down in the Mt. Laurel/Cherry Hill area, so didn’t need to go up that far.

Don’t move to Oklahoma. there is only are only 3 ways in and out of that state that don’t involve a turnpike: Aircraft, train, and I-40. Everything else is a turnpike.



out of the question. Live in Arizona, ten minutes from house, building a fire and cookin a dog. Don’t tell anyone…


I thought they only did that in Korea and China nowadays!!!

Watch out for PETA.


I was hoping someone would respond with a little humor…


Sorry to disappoint you. :wink:


Isn’t it ironic that I feel exactly the same way about NYC traffic (even though it’s where I learned to drive) and even more so about I95 in CT.


If I see one car on a 20 mile stretch of highway. . . That’s too much for me. . . :stuck_out_tongue:


I-95 in Connecticut is just tons of fun because all the rich folks are more important than you!! Pretty much sucks anywhere in the northeast,or Florida.