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Thought I’d start a new topic on airline route expansion and contraction.

For the first entry, here’s an interesting blurb from Airline News regarding JetBlue’s California plans.

On 21 May, JetBlue will introduce 3 nonstops a day between LAX and JFK. It will also be starting a LAX/BOS route.

BUR is getting JetBlue service to LAS and IAD in May.

SAN is getting a SEA nonstop also in May.

JetBlue is also introducing its ERJ 190 to LGB.


Looks like JetBlue is attacking Virgin America.


It also looks like they want to expand into Southern California more. They probably would like to expand more at LGB but LGB has a cap on the number of commercial flights allowed: 41 for large airliners and 25 for smaller aircraft.

One airport that wasn’t mentioned in the route expansion is ONT. JetBlue has service there already. Am curious as to why they aren’t expanding there. Currently, the have one flight to JFK that leaves around midnight.


go down to the frontier and check out the sweet pic of the new Frontier airlines a320 :open_mouth: …beautiful bird.


Northwest is starting nonstop service from IND to both SAT and AUS.
Pinnacle Airlines operating as Northwest Airlink will provide the service with 50 seat CRJ200 aircraft. Both services start on May 2.

In other route expansion news, Northwest will start nonstop service between MSP and DBQ (Dubuque, Iowa) on June 20. This service will be operated by Mesaba Airlines operating as Northwest Airlink. The twice daily service will operate with 34-seat Saab 340B.


Where? Link?


Here’s some photos Frontier’s A320 at

Let’s try to keep this topic related to airline routes news, not photos. There is a thread already set up for aircraft pictures. Unless, of course, you want to have a picture of an aircraft that will be operated on a new route that you post.


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'Bout time they started into LAX. It’ll be nice to see a JetBlue making a NON-emergency landing at LAX. :slight_smile:

And judging by the new SAN/SEA route, attacking Alaska as well.


Could this post be used as a post where anyone can post hopefuls? like what routes u would like to see this year.


Route Upgrade!..Clt-Muc goes from 343 to 346 atleast during summer :slight_smile: though clt is losing Midwest Connect service from clt-mke :frowning:


Why don’t you start a new thread for airline routes you’d like to see? In fact, as soon as I’m done with this posting, I’ll start it.


New Routes

United Express
A ORD/YQB (Quebec City, Quebec) nonstop service will be operated by Shuttle America using E170’s.

SFO and YYJ (Victoria, British Columbia) will be connected by a CRJ700 operated by Skywest.

Frontier Airlines
New nonstops between DEN and COS/GJT/DRO/BZN/MSO/FAR/JAC
The COS service will start on April 15 while the others will start in May. The flights will be operated by Q400 aircraft operated by Lynx Aviation.

Discontinued Routes
MCI/COS effective April 5.
All flights to CLT (bad news for CLTFLYER!) and RHI (Rhinelinder, WI) (date unknown)

BMI/LAS (seasonal: discontinued April 9, resumes to August 19)
Other seasonal discontinued flights to LAS include MLI/DAY/CAK/ROC (need confirmation on these)


yeah id already heard about we would have never flown them anyways. I was surprised to see them come in in the first place. And their is a good side. Lh upgraded their flight clt-muc to a 346…not sure if the international gates can handle it though iv heard they subbed it in before and had to use airstairs.


i have noticed that clt-slc dl and clt-mdw aren’t running right now but they both come back in march and in may and neither show seasonal or discontinued. :confused: oh and does anyone have an update on the Bogota applications.


DL dropping ICT-LAX leaving only UA on the route.

and CltFlyer, something you might be interested in, US was subbing in 733’s and 734’s on the DAB flight this week due to the Daytona 500.


iv already looked into that they are also subbing 733s at SDF in may for Kentucky Derby :slight_smile:


I was thinking about the Midwest Pullout and how about on a net they had good point…its the same crj product plus cookies…pratically the same as Usairways and the same price…so i was thinking what if Midwest offered the same schdule on their 2-2 717s buisness like arrangement for a just a little bit less and more capacity.


Midwest is going to reconfiguring all their 717’s to 2-class and have like 20 “Signature Service” seats and 70 “saver service” seats.


thats only like 2 more seats…