For all you JetBlue "freaks"...

New service announced … _id=890876

Also, according to the L.A. Daily News, they are going to scrap the Orlando-Burbank flight. I would link to that story, but it isn’t on the site anymore.

You gotta love the marketing people. In one section, they say:

In the six years since its launch, JetBlue Airways has focused on creating a new airline category - an airline that offers value, service and style.

Then they say

Cancellations and changes can be made prior to scheduled departure for $30 at 1-800-JETBLUE (or, in the case of changes, at with applicable fare adjustment. Cancellations are for a JetBlue travel credit only, which is valid for one year. If travel is not used, and the reservation is not changed or canceled prior to scheduled departure, all money associated with the reservation is forfeited.

This is value? There’s a small airline called Southwest that allows for the FULL amount paid to be applied to another flight or used as a credit for up to a year. They do NOT charge $30.

The Orlando Sentinel has an article about JetBlue discontinuing its BUR/MCO service. It also mentions the service cuts by Delta Connection and American Eagle.

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Somehow, I didn’t get the impression that bore repeating.

Perhaps it’s a case of deja moo?

JetBlue is also flying to RFD. But they are only flying two charters. Too bad!!! It will be nice to see the JetBlue colors land in Illinois and what better place than RFD!

Do you have flight numbers or a date they are flying to RFD?

No flight numbers, but according to, both flights are on 9/8. One a.m. & one p.m. There’s a whole discussion just on these 2 charters, but I don’t have the time or patience to read through the whole thing (as is the case w/ many of their discussions :unamused: ).

I read the first couple of postings then scanned the rest at Boring - they stayed on topic! Can you believe that? More than 5 postings in the topic and all on topic! Where, oh where, is this world going?

Usually RFD posts everything on there e-newsletter. They really have nothing else going on so why not make an issue of the JetBlue Charters?

I saw a story late last month about Southwest considering
RFD. I found myself asking why would/are they?

Southwest considers a lot of cities and even more ask for them to come to their airport.

I think RFD would be a good airport for them. They would be covering Chicago with two airports - MDW in the city and RFD for the people on the western side.