I have noticed recently that JetBlue has been mixing in the ERJ-190 on its FLL-BOS/BOS-FLL flights when it usually just uses the A320. Anyone know the reason for the change? Obviously it could be a number of reasons but I would like to see what everyone thinks.

Lots of empty seats on the 320’s?

Well… With the -190 at least the passengers are safe. :open_mouth:

currently, only 1 FLL-BOS is an E-190 - the first departure of the day from FLL and last departure from BOS. These type of flights tend to be fairly softly booked and the flight down has an A320 only 65 minutes earlier and the flight up has an A320 only 85 minutes later.

Good one, Will!! :laughing:

Thanks… :smiley:

Anyone else see that B6 has some extremely awkward flight times in the morning? There is a SJU-FLL flight at like 0330, and a couple other similars. I guess they are basically repositioning legs. At that time airlining out of San Juan, I am only beginning to DREAM of my hangover :laughing: :laughing:

Spirit has a 230 AM SJU-FLL that flies Sunday, Monday, Friday.

B6 has a 3:35 AM SJU-FLL that flies Monday, Friday, Saturday.

I’m guessing it is for some sort of repositioning but it might actually do OK in terms of load (obviously the yield would be trash on it).

Yeah, the tickets are like 40 or 50 bucks. Overpriced IMO on Spirit :smiling_imp:

Could also be the market. I remember Eastern, the original Pan Am, and other airlines serving the SJU market from the mainland quite often had flights arriving/departing between 23:00 and 0:600.

When I lived near the Istanbul airport part of the noise abatement program involved a mandatory departure of an IL 96 at 3AM. Maybe that is the plan at SJU too.

Does anyone have news or info. on SkyKing…the 737 charter outfit in ACY and MIA?

Yes, and seeing the subject of Sky King has a lot to do with JetBlue, I’ll mention it here:

  1. type in google into your browser’s address window
  2. push ctrl plus the enter key at the same time
  3. In the box that appears enter “sky king airlines” (without the quotation marks)

I saw on a crawl on the bottom of the TV durring a local news broadcast that Jetblue was expanding service out of HPN.

Does anybody know anything about this??

They did a slot swap with AA primarily involving getting slots at DCA and giving AA slots at JFK. However, JetBlue is getting 1 additional slot at HPN.

No clue what they’ll use it for, probably more Florida service.

Great, more airline traffic at HPN. I was in there the other day, grabbing breakfast at the coffee shop. The place was absolutely overcrowded. I couldn’t believe how much they’ve rearranged the terminal, and they still don’t have any room! Used to be a nice little “secret” airport. Looks like those days are gone.

A little harsh I think!

That’s your opinion…

That’s your opinion…

An opinion that’s backed up by hard evidence. What evidence do you have that proves the A320 Family is dangerous? It’s no more dangerous than the Boeing 737 Family. Typical yank coming up with anything and everything to try and discredit Airbus - the company that stole Boeing’s crown.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t it an A320 that crash landed in the Hudson River saving everyone on board? Wasn’t it an A340 that came off the end of the Runway in Toronto, but saved everyone on board?

Airbus aircraft seem safer than most other aircraft manufacturers products, supported by cold hard facts.

I don’t know what the big fuss is about…both Boeing and Airbus are great companys and their planes prove it everyday…if you have the option of operating either equipment i think you would enjoy both of them…each product has its advantages and disadvantages…pilot who operate this planes love them both…