jetblue flight #301


Anybody know why this non-stop daily flight was diverted to Charlotte this morning? Also it left 30 min early. Something weird.


First of all, here is the link to the flight.

Secondly, it left 22 minutes late, not early, and it really could have been anything, from mx to pax issues.


Normally this flight leaves at 8:25 am daily to FLL . Just was wondering why today it left the gate at 8:00. I take this flight every week, and we never go to Charlotte, and we never leave that early. Oh well.


I don’t think you are reading the page correctly. It says that it was PROPOSED to leave at 8:00am, and ACTUAL departure occurred at 8:22am.

The continuation from CLT - FLL recently just got scheduled, also.


Just looked at and they STILL show Jetblue 301 as a
straight shot that leaves IAD at 0800 Eastern (1200 Zulu) and arrives
at FLL at 1035 Eastern (1435 Zulu). I also checked for service from
Charlotte to Fort Lauderdale, Jetblue does NOT offer published service for
this run (CLT-FLL) for Aug 21st.


They could be consolidating flights, i.e. combining the JFK-FLL flight with a JFK-CLT flight without passengers between CLT and FLL. They could be doing this due to aircraft out of service or any number of other reasons.

Check to see if there is a JFK-CLT flight leaving about the same time.



They changed the schedule on Wednesday. The flight now leaves at 8:00 am instead of 8:25. It is a non stop flight 7 days a week from IAD to FLL. On Thursday it was diverted to CLT. Being a nosey butt I was wondering what prompted that.