hmm, cant track my gf's flight

its oct 17 and flight is CO1748

i’m confused because it was there saying schecudeled and poof! it disappared… the fligth was supposed to take off at 7.05CDT and she told me she finally got in the plane at 9.10CDT (looong delay huh?) but now i’m looking and I dont see the flight!

looks fine to me… as of this posting - en route from IAH to FLL, a 757-300, FL370, 478kts, 41 minutes remaining. perhaps u checked too soon after takeoff before it got entered into the system?

Looks like it was a little longer than she though it’d be. Once she got on the plane at 9:10, she had to sit about another 45 minutes or so. … /KIAH/KFLL

I think the flight plan probably expired because of the delay and the pilots had to file another one with ATC.