Jetblue 1050.....June 9th


I was scheduled to depart on Jetblue flight 1050 on Sat, June 9th at 6:52 am et from PIT to JFK. It was cancelled at 2:30 am the same day. There were some storms the night before around 8pm in the northeast, but at the time of my flight there were no delays at JFK, everything was lifted as of 4am that morning. Which leaves me with the question, where was my flight & why was it not delayed instead of cancelled ??? I called at 3:30am & was on hold for 45 min & due to that could not get on the 10am flight to JFK either. Jetblue does not have an answer for me either. My guess is they used this plane to make up for some delays from the night before. Is there any way I could actually track what happened with this flight? I almost missed my cruise because of this…ended up driving & making it in time. I got a full refund, but shouldnt Jetblue reimburse me for the inconvienence ?

Thanks in advance


Instead of complaining, be glad the flight was cancelled early enough for you to make arrangements to make the cruise. Even though it may be informational knowing the cause of the problem, it surely wouldn’t have change the outcome. Not every airline affords their passengers that much advanced notice on a cancellation.

I know of several people who not only didn’t make a flight due to a cancellation, but lost their money because they couldn’t make the cruise due to airline problems (they didn’t get trip insurance).

And no, Jetblue doesn’t owe you a dime for the inconvienance. They refunded you in full, isn’t that good enough?



Sorry…in past experince in flying for business with USAir, Northwest, etc, when a flight was cancelled they always would work with other airlines to get me to my destination, even if it was noth their fault. No other carrier had flights cancelled that morning at JFK…all on schedule… Jetblew


My guess is that there was no plane there for you to fly on.

It appears that flight 1057 is the last JBU plane to arrive in PIT every evening. The first JBU flight from PIT in the morning is your flight 1050. I noticed that flight 1057 the evening of the 8th didn’t happen (maybe due to those storms you mentioned?). So that probably meant there was no plane there for you to get on in the morning.



Also jetBlue has no ticketing agreements with other airlines like many of the legacies do. Its more of a reciprical agreement. If you were on Delta for example and your flight cancelled they could not book you on jetBlue. I think a refund was actually pretty good even though you almost missed your cruise.


It’s my understanding from people in the biz, that with so many variables, you should always buy cruise insurance.

In this case you placed your faith in a LCC to get yourself to the cruise. JetBlue has no affiliation with other airlines or the cruise line. Although you were not satisfied with the outcome, reflect back to what caused you to choose the airfare on JetBlue… low cost?

It doesn’t sound like you bought a package including airfare, transfers, hotels and the cruise. This would have connected your air travel with your cruise. This would have also placed more burden on the tour company or cruise line to get you to the ship on time.

I think I know what you are saying about compensation and although I don’t disagree, the airline fulfilled their agreement with you by giving you a refund. The boiler plate always says something about their damages not exceeding the cost of the airfare. You can always send Mr. Needleman a nice letter stating your case as to why you feel you deserve more. I did this a couple years ago and received a phone call from the CEO of a different airline who fully agreed with me that his company did not do a good job in my case. If you send a letter, copy it to this forum as well as the response. I’d like to see what they do.

In my business, if we make a mistake, the policy (developed by me) is to refund/credit the mistake while still following through on our original promise. Additionally, the customer is given a gift… extra item/service to compensate them for the inconvenience. This hasn’t happened for at least five years.

Will you give JetBlue your money in the future?