jetBlue passengers sit on plane for 10 hours + … tId=326339 … tId=326300

How does this continue to happen? Can the emergency exits not be used in a worst case scenario just to deplane and get passengers to the terminal via bus?

On the Today Show they said a CNBC reporter sat on a Delta plane in Chicago for 9 hours.

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This is just pure stupidity! Why, even if it’s against “regulations,” couldn’t they escort the passengers from the aircraft to the terminal? There is ABSOLUTELY NO REASON for this to happen.

JetBlue is going to compensate those stuck on aircraft but only if it was more than three hours. This is stupid! If a passenger was stuck more than 15 - 30 minutes then he should be compensated.

What is it going to take for JetBlue, American, et al, to come to their senses and have a contingency plan for conditions like this?

(Actually, I think this is a conspiracy by the anti-tobacco nazis to force people to quit smoking. They cover up their evil actions by making everyone stay on the aircraft so that the commoners won’t know what they are actually doing.)

Dami, what should pax get for being delayed 15-30 minutes? I hope you don’t mean much more than a free cocktail or something, because there are more such delays than you and I could sit here and count in a day. Don’t get me wrong, I totally agree that ten hours is an absurd amount of time to wait for anything, and the pilots should have notified the tower much sooner, or turned off and taken a gate with or without clearance. As uncomfortable as it may be to sit on an a/c (with DirecTV on each PTV!), I’ll do it for 2 free trips!! Where do I sign up?

As with the other thread, you don’t get the idea that just because it’s ok with you doesn’t mean it’s ok with everyone else. That’s a pretty selfish view.

I do agree, though, that you shouldn’t get compensation unless the delay is a few hours in length on the plane.

I agree with planeaholic. 15-30 minutes is acceptable to me. I remember being on the BFL-DFW AA flight in college, and because of major tailwinds, arrived 25 minutes early. We had to wait 40 minutes for our gate because pretty much everyone coming in from SoCal was arriving that early. Other than the captain saying “well, we are stuck here for a little while, but, when it comes to God giving us a little push, there isn’t much we can do about it.” Now if we were stuck for more than an hour, I would say we should get something (not necessarily free tickets, but something to start with).

Apparently Northwest didnt learn their lesson in 1999 after that Detroit snow/ice storm fiasco. If they had passengers wouldnt have sat on a DC-10 in Duluth for 9 hours with the stairs sitting next to the plane and Northwest telling them they can not get off this past October.

I understand why in some of these situations they want to keep the passengers on. American does it in a delay so when the weather has cleared and the ramp is open they can get the plane out of there as soon as possible. Thats fine if its a 30-40 even a 60 minute delay. If it pushes 90 minutes or longer, get the people off the plane.

If your already away from the gate I would think there is that thought process of well we sat here for 90 minutes, we should be on the way in a few minutes so they stay put.

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Either way, I don’t think its really newsworthy, put I do hope it’s in the news enough to cause change so this never happens again, although that is very wishful thinking. It helps no one to not have it in the news, and have it keep happening every time there’s bad weather.

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I never said that. Here’s my exact quote, with the key words highlighted:

If a passenger was stuck more than 15 - 30 minutes then he should be compensated.

Yes, some sort of compensation should be offered. Perhaps a free cocktail for the adults even if “regulations don’t allow it,” and then monetary compensation (travel voucher or real cash) on a sliding scale for each hour of delay, up to 2 free trips (not counting the current flight) after 6-8 hours.

Giving cash or vouchers out for 15-30 minutes isnt realistic. If you depart or arrive at the gate within 15 minutes that is considered on-time.

I think communication is key. Let the passengers know what is going on. If the crew is trying to get them out of there or back to the gate, tell the passengers that.

And the key to this entire thing is to avoid the 8-9 hours stuck on a plane. That is just not acceptable.

Again, I did not say 15-30 minutes. I said MORE THAN 15-30 minutes. Gee! What does it take for people to be able to read those two simple words?

Free round trip ticket, of course…

You give a time frame, more than 15-30 minutes. You want something after 20 minutes? Free cocktail after a 20 minute delay on the plane? And cash starting after 30?

With a 30-40 minute delay making connections for the most part is still possible.

60 minutes is unfortunate and 2 hours just sucks. I sat on the ground in MSP on a DC-10 for a little over 2 hourswe got free headsets in flight for the move. Is that enough compensation? I followed it up with a letter and received 7,200 World Perk that enough?

For me, the fee headset and a pleasant crew would have been just fine after that delay.

So where more than 15-30 minutes is unclear to me is where you want the compensation to start and how much? And what time frame reflects an increase in compensation?


Here’s what I’d do if I was in charge of customer relations at an airline for pax forced to sit on an aircraft:
After 30 minutes: free cocktail
After 1 hour: $25 voucher for future flight
After 2 hours: $50 plus refund of fare paid on current flight
After 3 hours: The above except the voucher is now a free flight anywhere the airline flies.

This would be a good incentive to get the people off the aircraft as soon as possible. Evidently your time isn’t worth much but when I’m not at work my time is extremely valuable and I don’t want it wasted due to incompetency of others.

If they aircraft is close to the terminal, what is wrong with escorting small groups (~5-10) of passengers at a time to the terminal?

Free headsets wouldn’t have done these people any good. The headsets are free to begin with. Not only that but the passengers are allowed to keep the headsets for use when (if?) they leave the aircraft.

From the second link in the original post:

JetBlue’s apology said anyone stuck on one of its flights for more than three hours Wednesday would receive a full refund and a free roundtrip ticket for a future flight.

If I were CEO I would probably do the same thing and promise this will never happen again (and mean it).

Vouchers towards a discount on a future flight are a joke. READ: “We screwed up big time and if you want us to make it right, then you have to give us more of your money”. Horizon Air’s CEO did this to me and Alaska/Horizon lost a very loyal customer. I now drive two hours to fly Southwest.

Have you heard of Southwest passengers being trapped on a plane for hours? Somehow I don’t think their culture would allow this problem to get out of control. When they slid off the runway at MDW in a snowstorm they had the passengers bussed to the terminal almost instantly.