Jet Blue 471 diversion?



Very good! That is, indeed, Jetblue 471!


Look at the flight log it looks like it diverted to Denver for some reason. I posted it on here to see if anyone has a clue why?.


looks like they landed just long enough to get some fuel.


Why wouldn’t they have enough to go non stop? interesting.


In a strange way the airlines try to cut costs to the bone, one way is to take minimum fuel even if they run short and have to stop once in a while. I would think that once in a while stop would cost more than they have saved on every other flight that month but what do I know, I fly a fuel to noise converter.
I don’t know that is what happened on this flight but one hour on the ground would be about right.


Thanks for the help porterjet, really appreciate it! Greetings from Denver,Co.


Any time, are you seeing any smoke from the fires?


Yes, there are alot of wildfires going on right now :confused: hopefully they will be put out soon,because they are messing with the flights so they are taking off from the south and east not the north or west witch toally doges my house. So i miss seeing some of the flights. ex: Iceland air, British Airways, Lufthansa and The 764 to PHNL.