American Airlines

Good Morning,
I am flying on Wednesday the 26th on American Airlines from Dallas, to Boston. Trying to figure the probablity of my flight being cancelled, or delayed. Wish I had not booked American but it is a little late now. Any thought would be appreciated. Thank you. Michelle

What is the basis for your concern?

They’ve been canceling a lot of flights because they are experiencing a higher than anticipated level of pilot absenteeism in their Domestic narrowbody fleet. Interpret that as you will.

It seems they’re now flying the majority of their schedule, just everything tends to be running a little behind. Chances are your flight will operate, it just might be a little late.

If you absolutely need to be there at a specific time and their times work for you, you might want to book a refundable ticket on Jetblue. If your AA flight cancels and they can’t rebook you reasonably, just get a refund (which you are entitled to) and use your Jetblue ticket.

The last I heard was that 2% of the flights were cancelled. That means 98% were operating. Good odds for catching your flight.